SPINNER 99West Senckenberg

In-Building Wireless Solutions

SPINNER In-Building System in Senckenberg Tower in Frankfurt am Main

SPINNER and its partner have equipped the Senckenberg Tower high-rise office development in Frankfurt am Main with a passive 4G multi-operator in-house system. SPINNER thus once again ensures optimum mobile reception in a building with complex architecture for all standard mobile networks.

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SPINNER TestPort Adapter

Test & Measurement

Quick and Easy Installation of Ruggedized Test Port Adapters From SPINNER

Ruggedized test port adapters from SPINNER are quick and easy to attach to your vector network analyzer so you can start getting results right away.

Plus, they very effectively protect the VNA test port from accidental damage.

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Fiber Optic Rotary Joints

P-FORJ: Combination of FORJ and Slip Ring

SPINNER designed a “P-FORJ” that transmits light signals and electric power at the same time. Any desired combination of high-quality SPINNER FORJ and slip ring can be easily configured to suit your application. 

Typical application areas are industry and medical technology.

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Mobile Communication - In-Building

SPINNER MNCS® for Singapore MRT Tunnel

In May this year, Petracarbon was awarded the contract to supply and install 60 units of SPINNER Mobile Network Combining Systems - MNCS® - for the MRT tunnel Circle Line upgrading project. The technical development of the MNCS® design was accomplished in close cooperation between SPINNER China, Petracarbon and the Singapore mobile operators.

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SPINNER In Building Key landscape2

In-Building Wireless Solutions

Maximize Coverage
Minimize Costs

These days, more than 80 percent of mobile communications data traffic is in buildings. That puts a damper on mobile network coverage.

This is where we come to the rescue. Our solutions provide great coverage in buildings and complexes where many people use smartphones and traffic volume is on the rise.

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SPINNER Career start

Your Career at SPINNER

Shape the Future with SPINNER

SPINNER develops and produces trailblazing RF products that set new standards of performance and longevity. Many of the products in common use today are based on SPINNER inventions and patents.

We offer you a wide range of career prospects!

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SPINNER In Building buildings

In-Building Wireless Solutions

Perfect Mobile Coverage in Buildings

SPINNER products have already been installed in more than thousand In-Building projects worldwide: they reliably and cost-effectively perform at airports, in shopping malls, on exhibition grounds, in office and governmental buildings, and in hotels and stadiums.

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Rotating Solutions

World Record: Fiber Optic Rotary Joints with 109 Channels

SPINNER has enlarged its portfolio of fiber-optic rotary joints with a new record-setting version with no fewer than 109 channels. This new model is ideally suited for use in offshore and FPSO applications while delivering clear competitive advantages. The large number of individual passive channels does away with the need for active multiplexers.

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SPINNER Mobile Communication


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SPINNER Mobile Communication Start

Mobile Communication

Site and In-Building Portfolio

SPINNER supplies the whole range of all passive RF components required between the base station and the antenna for all common communication networks worldwide. Our solutions for the multiple use of antenna systems for outdoor and indoor applications allow cost efficient coverage with wireless communication networks.

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SPINNER Automation

Industry and Automation

Contactless Data and Power Transmission - Rotary Couplings for Automation Applications

There is a growing need for faster, more accurate data and power transmission via rotary joints for automation applications. SPINNER is now offering a new technology to accomplish this: contactless rotating interfaces based on inductive and electronic coupling.

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