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Fiber-Optic Rotary Joints for Drone Camera Systems

SPINNER recognized the challenges posed by the limited space available inside drones, especially when camera gimbals are integrated. Due to the required high-speed 4K video data transmission rates (HD-SDI), there is no alternative to fiber-optic systems. The problem with conventional fiber-optic rotary joints is that the fibers run axially, i.e. they enter and leave along the rotational axis, which increases the space requirement.

SPINNER has developed a globally unique solution and implemented it in the 1.14L. An ingenious optical system allows the fiber to exit at a 90° angle to the axis of rotation, which greatly reduces the required space. Carefully selected optical components, along with highly precise production, ensure reliable long-term operation.

spinner spidercamSpidercam with SPINNER 1.14L and compact slip ring

spinner FORJ L formSPINNER fiber optic rotary joint 1.14L




The main quality criterion for FORJs is insertion loss variation (WOW), or how much the system’s electrical performance varies as it rotates. It has been possible to reduce this factor to below 0.5 dB.

Especially in combination with small, compact slip rings for supplying electric power to camera systems, the 1.14L is an ideal solution. Its applications include suspended cable camera systems in sports stadiums.

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