Rotary Joints - Civil Radar Systems

Rotary joints made by SPINNER have proven their quality in countless areas of civil life. Be it satcom or industrial applications such as sputter plants, be it camera systems, cable reels or maritime navigation systems, our reliable SPINNER rotary joints are always part of it.


They are used in radar systems for sea rescue services as well as in civil air traffic control, where they work around the clock, 365 days a year, helping to monitor air traffic and thus to ensure safety. Furthermore weather radars, which operate mainly in the S, C and X band, as well as satellite ground stations depend totally on rotary joints as central system components.


For every application area we develop and manufacture custom-designed solutions for our clients. In every new development project the focus of our work is always on maximum reliability, a long service life and virtually maintenance-free operation of the rotary joints. For new solutions any combination of the various transmission methods is possible: Slip rings for transmitting high power or data can be implemented, and we can integrate optical rotary joints or ensure contact-free transmission of fast Ethernet and RF signals.


SPINNER rotary joints are flexible in use, extremely reliable and a secure investment in the future. These features and the long-standing experience of our developers and technicians have allowed us to become the European market leader.