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New SPINNER Solutions for DAB

DAB is winning more and more listeners. In order to meet this trend, good area coverage is required. A good opportunity to expand your DAB network with SPINNER products!

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SPINNER AMS Distance to fault

SPINNER AMS With Distance to Fault Detection

Protect your infrastructure: the SPINNER AMS not only prevents problems, it also lets you locate the fault to fix it!

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SPINNER 5G Broadcast key

5G Broadcast: Combining Broadcast and Mobile Networks

5G Broadcast will quite possibly be one of the biggest and most exciting development over the coming years.

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SPINNER Broadcast Container

Mobile Transmitting Stations for Mobile Receivers

Not only the receivers for digital television are becoming increasingly mobile. A transmitter station itself can also be made mobile.

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SPINNER offers smart RF solutions for efficient broadcast networks (1:40 minutes)



SPINNER Solutions for DAB:
Follow the Trend – Expand Your DAB Network

Digital radio DAB is steadily growing in popularity ― in particular, the share of motor vehicles equipped with mobile receivers has greatly increased. With the lower technical transmission costs and increased range compared to FM, DAB is also becoming increasingly interesting for private radio broadcasters.

More and more people are buying DAB radio devices and are thus helping to increase the range of digital antenna radio. According to the recently published media broadcasters' digitization report (German), there are now almost ten million radios in German cars and households that can receive DAB, one million more than last year. This means that almost a quarter of the population (24.3 percent) can listen to digital terrestrial radio programs via DAB.

This calls for a dense DAB network. With SPINNER, you can easily expand and modernize your network or even build a new one from scratch.


Compact DAB Solutions for all Power Ranges

Most rollouts start with powerful stations that serve entire metropolitan areas. This quickly makes services available to a large population. Medium- and low-power stations can be added later to supplement them. Our low-power portfolio lets you easily expand your existing DAB network to achieve even denser coverage.

Our new low-power range consists of a single filter, a star point, and CIB combiners. They are suitable for power levels from 300W to 600W and can be tuned across the entire DAB frequency range. During installation, their compact designs are a definite advantage. The single filter can either be integrated in a 19" rack or wall-mounted.

SPINNER also carries products for medium- and high-power systems. It includes standalone filters for input power levels up to 10 kW per block. Corresponding combiners are available in different designs. Star point combiners are recommended for new plants, and CIB combiners are an easy way to expand existing systems.

SPINNER - Your Partner With Many Years of Experience

SPINNER will be glad to help you choose a suitable single filter and plan an appropriate combiner system for your chosen performance class. You benefit from our many years of experience in the broadcasting field. Among many other projects, SPINNER played a major role in expanding the 2nd nationwide MUX in Germany.

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SPINNER AMS with Distance-to-Fault Detection

Now the SPINNER Antenna Monitoring System (AMS) not only warns you about faults, but also locates them for a fast repair, saving both time and money.


It is a completely passive solution with no additional signal being injected into the antenna line. It uses two different measurement methods to reliably detect any type of arc, even ones that won’t cause VSWR degradation.

Now in Spanish Language: Webinar on the SPINNER Antenna Monitoring System - Register Now!

Guillermo Alvarez-Cienfuegos, Senior Sales Manager at SPINNER will present the new, innovative features of the SPINNER AMS in Spanish language

Webinar in Spanish language: If you’d like to learn more about the SPINNER AMS, register for a free 45-minute webinar on the SPINNER Antenna Monitoring System on October 15 at 5 p.m. CEST (Berlin Summertime) | 12 a.m. ART (Argentina / Buenos Aires). Your host is our senior sales manager, Guillermo Alvarez-Cienfuegos.

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Distance-to-Fault Detection

  • Detection of all types of arcs (matched and unmatched)

  • No signal injected into the antenna line

  • Reliable detection with antennas of any height

  • All components indoors

  • Suitable for pressurized lines

  • Remote monitoring via SNMP and web interface

SPINNER AMS Distance to fault Info

SPINNER AMS: How Does it Work?

This explainer video shows you how the SPINNER AMS works:

SPINNER AMS explainer video (duration: 1:35 minutes)

Power Monitoring Add-On

SPINNER AMS Power MonitoringSPINNER AMS Power Monitoring Add-On

The power monitoring add on remotely and locally monitors the power level and return losses on up to four RF channels. Different thresholds for warnings and alarms can be individually set.

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5G Broadcast: New Ways to Distribute Content –
Achieve Wider Coverage and Lower Costs

5G Broadcast is poised to unleash one of the biggest, most exciting leaps forward in the broadcasting arena during the next few years.

Mobile networks have already seen a clear trend toward enormous data volumes over the last decade, driven by surging mobile phone use, greater data consumption, and increasing interconnectivity.

5G Broadcast vastly increases the speed of cellular networks while delivering greater bandwidth, spectrum availability and lower latency for better and wider coverage. It will greatly benefit mobile devices, automotive applications, and the IoT, among other things.

SPINNER 5G Broadcast mask filterSPINNER 5G Broadcast 5MHz mask filter installed at Collserola Tower in Barcelona, 2020
SPINNER 5G Broadcast 5MHz mask filter, e.g. installed at Collserola Tower in Barcelona, 2020.

SPINNER 5G Broadcast key

While creating your 5G Broadcast solution with SPINNER, you benefit from our broad experience in both broadcasting and mobile communications.

Whether you currently have only a vague concept, a concrete idea, or a detailed block diagram, you’re in good hands with us. We’ve spent more than 50 years developing and building complex systems that reliably connect transmitters and antennas.

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Mobile Transmitting Stations for Mobile Receivers

Receivers for digital TV aren’t the only things that are gaining mobility. Transmitter stations can also go mobile. This delivers considerable benefits―for example, by letting emergency equipment be set up virtually anywhere in case there’s a failure, even on unpaved or challenging terrain. In case frequencies change, a switch can be temporarily operated in the container while the permanent equipment is retuned.

Container combiners can also be operated on a long-term basis instead of creating a permanent structure. In Germany, for example, no building permit is required as long as a combiner’s size doesn’t exceed certain limits. This greatly simplifies and speeds the work involved in planning and implementing a new system.

Application Scenarios

  • Operation during frequency changes

  • Emergency operation

  • Opertion anywhere, also on unpaved and challenging terrain

  • Long-term operation ― no building required

 SPINNER Broadcast ContainerCompact Container Design: SPINNER UHF Combining System with Antenna Switching for 6 x 12 kW

What Makes SPINNER Containers Special?

Mobility and unfavorable climatic conditions pose the greatest demands on container systems in terms of temperature stability, mechanical stability, and shock absorption.

The available space inside containers is also very limited, which poses special challenges. The good news is that the compact designs of the SPINNER combining product portfolio, backed by many years of proven solution competence, let you flexibly accommodate high-power multichannel systems. 

Our designs make the best possible use of available space while enabling simple access for quick adjustments. You can flexibly and easily accommodate reliable, durable broadcasting components from SPINNER in any container to meet operational requirements.

We’re looking forward to developing customized container solutions to meet your special needs.


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New SPINNER 30 kW UHF Filter

SPINNER has expanded its UHF portfolio by adding a compact UHF filter for up to 30 KW, tunable for all DTV standards, including ATSC 3.0. It comes in two versions: natural cooling (12 KW) and liquid cooling (30 KW).

SPINNER 30 kW UHF FilterSPINNER 30 kW UHF Filter

This filter completes our UHF portfolio and helps us to continue being one of the world’s leading suppliers of RF systems for broadcasting.

SPINNER 30 kW UHF Filter fig30 kW ATSC Band Pass Filter


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