SPINNER acquires RFS Broadcast IP

SPINNER has acquired all relevant assets with regards to the RFS Broadcast IP

Radio Frequency Systems (RFS), a specialist in the design and manufacture of premium, future-ready cable solutions for customers across the globe, announced that it has entered into an agreement with SPINNER Group under which SPINNER has acquired all relevant assets with regards to the RFS Broadcast IP.

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Mobile Communication

New 18:6 Multiband Combining System from SPINNER

SPINNER is introducing a new 18:6 Multiband Combining System with 18 inputs and six outputs to the market.

The system is specifically designed for use with up to three network operators, 18 individual frequency bands (GSM, LTE, and 5G), and 2x2 MIMO.

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SPINNER Hybrid RotaryJoints EN

Rotating Solutions

All-in-One: SPINNER's Hybrid Rotary Joints

SPINNER consolidates various transmission technologies into a single rotary joint.

Optical rotary joints, slip rings, media passages for coolants, encoders, and contactless digital transmitters are all integrated within a single 'Hybrid Rotary Joint'.

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SPINNER 0 8mm Connector System Key

Test & Measurement

0.8 mm Connector System - Coaxial Measurements Up to 165 GHz

Introducing our “solid 0.8 mm” coaxial connector system, offering unmatched precision up to 165 GHz.

It ensures damage-free repeated connections while delivering superior electrical characteristics for maximum measurement accuracy.

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SPINNER InBuilding Ref Videos

In-Building Wireless Solutions

SPINNER's Passive In-Building Solutions: Taking Mobile Reception to New Heights with 1500 Global Installations!

Our passive In-Building system stands out for its resource-conserving installation and sustainable operation.

Deployed worldwide, it has made a significant impact in various venues, spanning from traditional office buildings to expansive complexes like exhibition centers, shopping malls, concert halls, airports, and stadiums.

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SPINNER Career start

Your Career at SPINNER

Shape the Future with SPINNER

SPINNER develops and produces trailblazing RF products that set new standards of performance and longevity. Many of the products in common use today are based on SPINNER inventions and patents.

We offer you a wide range of career prospects!

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SPINNER In Building buildings

In-Building Wireless Solutions

Perfect Mobile Coverage in Buildings

SPINNER products have already been installed in more than thousand In-Building projects worldwide: they reliably and cost-effectively perform at airports, in shopping malls, on exhibition grounds, in office and governmental buildings, and in hotels and stadiums.

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Rotating Solutions

World Record: Fiber Optic Rotary Joints with 109 Channels

SPINNER has enlarged its portfolio of fiber-optic rotary joints with a new record-setting version with no fewer than 109 channels. This new model is ideally suited for use in offshore and FPSO applications while delivering clear competitive advantages. The large number of individual passive channels does away with the need for active multiplexers.

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SPINNER Mobile Communication


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SPINNER Mobile Communication Start

Mobile Communication

Site and In-Building Portfolio

SPINNER supplies the whole range of all passive RF components required between the base station and the antenna for all common communication networks worldwide. Our solutions for the multiple use of antenna systems for outdoor and indoor applications allow cost efficient coverage with wireless communication networks.

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SPINNER Automation

Industry and Automation

Contactless Data and Power Transmission - Rotary Couplings for Automation Applications

There is a growing need for faster, more accurate data and power transmission via rotary joints for automation applications. SPINNER is now offering a new technology to accomplish this: contactless rotating interfaces based on inductive and electronic coupling.

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