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The SPINNER Power Protector: Intelligent Protection for Active In-Building Solutions

The last few years have seen steady expansion of network infrastructure to accommodate new frequencies, and investments in new equipment have gone sky-high as a result. Many operators have installed a wide variety of new devices, all of which need to be safeguarded and efficiently managed.

The SPINNER Power Protector takes an entirely new approach for mastering these challenges. The new SPINNER Power Protector prevents the master unit from being damaged by high power while greatly helping to reduce capital expenditures.

SPINNER Power ProtectorThe new SPINNER Power Protectors prevents the master unit from being damaged by high power

The SPINNER Power Protector is inserted into the feeder line between an RF system such as a base transceiver system (BTS) and low-power equipment like an in-building master unit.

An intelligent approach for greater operational reliability

The Power Protector monitors the power levels in the RF transmission lines and automatically interrupts the signals if they exceed a defined threshold. This prevents damage to connected devices with low input levels if a fault causes the base station to switch to high output.

The Power Protector also features an autorecovery function: as soon as the signal returns to the predefined level, it automatically exits protection mode and lets the signal pass again.

Major cost savings for operators

This configuration lets the BTS reliably operate in low power mode, while eliminating the need for a conventional attenuator. This reduces both power consumption and waste heat in the equipment room.

PRO version for uninterrupted operation

A PRO version is also available. If the power in the BTS rises as a result of a fault, the Power Protector PRO automatically goes into action, uncoupling and attenuating the signal before passing it on at a predefined power―all without interrupting operation.

The threshold at which the Power Protector should close the line can be specified when ordering. An appropriate attenuator is then installed in it.

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