Millimeter Wave Measurement

SPINNER Millimeter Wave Measurement

SPINNER EasyLaunch

SPINNER EasyLaunch is a PCB signal-tapping adapter that is designed to reliably pick up millimeter wave signals from PCBs. The flush-mounted SPINNER EasyLaunch avoids compromising the PCB surface and ensures optimal measurement results. It is available with either a coaxial or a waveguide connector.

SPINNER EasyLaunchSPINNER EasyLaunch PCB Adaptor

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SPINNER EasySnake performs the function of a flexible dielectric waveguide. However, classic waveguides are typically rigid, which places considerable constraints on the design of test configurations. The SPINNER EasySnake overcomes this by combining the flexibility of a conventional RF test cable with the excellent low-loss transmission characteristics of a conventional waveguide system. It can be flexibly bent and moved in any direction while delivering excellent measurement results.

SPINNER EasysnakeSPINNER EasySnake

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