Rotating Systems

The special benefits of SPINNER rotary joints include their compact design, excellent VSWR and low attenuation loss, low variation of transmission properties during rotation, and high crosstalk attenuation between the individual channels over the whole frequency range. With over 70 years of experience in RF technology SPINNER is in a position to develop and deliver any kind of rotary joint combination you may need.

Applications include traditional radar technology for air traffic control and medical engineering, V-Sat and Satcom technology as well as TV cameras or for the usage in cable drums that ensure an anti-twist protected winding for sensitive cables and thus increase reliability.

SPINNER Rotatary Joints 2SPINNER Hybrid Rotary Joint

SPINNER Rotatary JointsSPINNER Dual Channel Waveguide/Coax Rotary Joint

Non-Contacting Rotary Joints

Non-contacting rotary joints are based on non-contacting coupling mechansims such as electronic, inductive, transmission line or transformer coupling. These extremely long-lived rotary joints are available as coaxial and waveguide units for requency ranges up tp 110 GHz. The maximum signal transmission bandwidth is about 20% of the upper frequency to be transmitted. Non-contacting rotary joints are used for narrow band transmissions. Additionally, with special coupling structures, two different bands can be transmitted within one module (e.g. X- and L-Band).

Contacting Rotary Joints and Sliprings

The inner and outer conductors of stator and rotor of contacting rotary joints are DC coupled. These rotary joints are used for broadband applications and allow signal transmission in the frequency range from DC up to 67 GHz.

In some cases, specially designed slip rings can be used at lower frequencies. Depending on the unit size such contacting systems can transmit signals from DC up to 120 MHz.

Rotary Joints for Optical Signal Transmission

Fiber optic rotary joints (FORJ) can transmit up to 60 channels. A combination with all rotary joint types is possible.


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Contactless Active Data Transmission

In the rotating solution field, SPINNER offers its customers the latest developments for rotating, maintenance-free, contactless signal and data transfer using optical and electronic rotary transmitters.

SPINNER Contactless Data Transmission

More about contactless data and power transmission


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