Loads and Attenuators

SPINNER carries an extensive portfolio of loads and attenuators. In addition to products with excellent VSWR values, we also offer low-intermodulation versions for use in mobile networks.

Most of our loads in the power consumption range from two to five kW are produced using the planar process. For values between 10 and 25 kW, we use liquid cooling with a fluid mixture that prevents freezing and corrosion. For products above 10 kW, we also offer closed-circuit cooling and safety features such as carrier safety loops and temperature monitoring.

Loads and attenuators are available for power input levels up to 2 kW with attenuation values up to 40 dB.

Configure Your Individual SPINNER Loads and Attenuators

spinner load Abschlusswiderstaende

For both loads and attenuators up to 200 watts, SPINNER has introduced a new modular system that gives you considerably more flexibility for choosing your components. The benefits are obvious: cost savings and improved technical values.

Loads and Attenuators: Now Even Greater Flexibility

3 steps to your individual SPINNER loads and attenuators

Loads and attenuators have to meet diverse requirements in terms of performance and connector systems, and the new system makes it simple for you to get exactly what you need. You can freely specify your components and avoid having to use adaptors or products that are larger or more powerful than actually needed for your application.

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