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SPINNER Antenna Monitoring System

Early failure detection system for band II, III and IV/V

SPINNER Antenna Monitoring SystemSPINNER Antenna Monitoring SystemBroadcast network operators rely on their systems to deliver content to subscribers. Though the infrastructure is robust, it is not failure-free. Cable- and dipole-insulation can crack due to long-term UV exposure. Feeder cables can get damaged by heavy winds, icefall or corrosion. Inadvertent overload with RF-power or lighting strikes can also occur.

InSpinner AMS U-LinkSpinner AMS U-Link the long term these problems can cause the site to be off-air through degraded RF-components or even by fire, completely disabling the broadcast system. As a matter of course, the financial losses by repairs and claims of content providers are tremendous.

Therefore, operators need a reliable early failure detection system that pinpoints problems with cables, splitters and antennas, before more serious damage occurs. The SPINNER Antenna Monitoring System (AMS) does all this and more.

AMS is engineered to detect flaws in broadcast transmission infrastructure and alert you to the problem before the damage is done. It helps keep your system on air.

The SPINNER solution uses insulation measurement and arc detection to monitor the system from the patch panel, to feeder cable and the last dipole. The newly patented measurement equipment responds to the earliest and smallest signs of moisture penetration.

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