4.3-10 is Everywhere

As early as January 2015, SPINNER supplied all of the components for the world’s first in-building project based on 4.3-10. And now, less than two years after this premiere, the largest producers of base stations and antennas have already introduced new 4.3-10-based products to the market. 4.3-10 is thus advancing by leaps and bounds and is now poised to become the dominant connector system in the mobile communications market even earlier than expected.

Low PIM DC Breaks

SPINNER has introduced a new low PIM DC break. Besides dramatically reduced intermodulation, it also boasts a wide frequency range. This new broadband DC break with outstanding intermodulation values can be used universally across all common radio frequency bands. The inner and outer conductors are also separate, which permits the break’s use in projects involving high-voltage cables, for example when building tunnels or railway lines.

SPINNER Releases Connector Installation Videos

The SPINNER MultiFit™ and SPINNER Cut And Fit (CAF®) monobloc connectors have been a big hit with installers. Their easy handling, fast, reliable installation, and excellent technical values put them in a class of their own.

AMS Line Sections - Flexibility for Your Antenna Monitoring System

In our last newsletter we presented the SPINNER Antenna Monitoring System (click here), which is engineered to detect flaws in broadcasting transmission infrastructure and alert you to potential problems before any damage can occur.

SPINNER Active in NGMN Task Force on 4.3-10

NGMN has created a 4.3-10 task force with the goal of introducing the new 4.3-10 connector system to the market. SPINNER is an active member of this task force, in which it is drawing on the experience it gained while helping to develop and roll out 4.3-10 to energetically support this NGMN initiative.

SPINNER provides After Sales Service to Manage the Frequency Changes Induced by 700 MHz Clearance Projects

SPINNER supplies premium quality multi channel combiners and also offers excellent after sales service

The frequency range available for TV broadcasting is being reduced to 470-700 MHz (originally 470 – 860 MHz) to clear spectrum for mobile communication services and all TV channels above 700 MHz must be shifted.

This requires significant modifications and upgrades of the existing multi-channel combiners, because they have to handle old and new channels simultaneous to allow switching of the whole network in one night. The scenarios become more complicated when the channel allocation has to be agreed with neighboring countries having a different time schedule for the 700 MHz clearance.

Installation of SPINNER MultiFit Connectors: Simple and Good

In the mobile communication industry, manufacturers take a wide variety of approaches for installing connectors. The differences don’t only concern actual installation, but also the use of tools. This article and video clearly demonstrate the simplicity and high quality of SPINNER MultiFit connectors. Find out how they can save you time and money!

A Cone with Strawberry and Vanilla Ice Cream Topped with Whipped Cream, Please! - Customized Jumpers from SPINNER

At an ice cream stand, we order exactly what we want. We choose the flavors, say whether we want it in a cone or cup, specify any extras we’re in the mood for, like whipped cream or chocolate sprinkles on top, and a minute later we can start enjoying our sweet snack.

It works the same way with SPINNER. You select exactly the jumpers that you need. You decide on the types and lengths of the cables and pick out the connectors. And a few days later, you receive a package containing exactly what you ordered.

Save Money with the SPINNER Low PIM Switch

There are zillions of switches out there. But when it’s about low PIM testing and screening , the available options boil down to just a few. And if you want to use a switch in a calibrated test system and need it to keep working perfectly through hundreds of thousands of cycles without requiring any maintenance, there is really only one choice: the SPINNER low PIM switch.

If you still aren’t convinced, check out the video and article to learn about its uses and its potential for saving you time and money.

SPINNER Antenna Monitoring System

Early failure detection system for band II, III and IV/V

Broadcast network operators rely on their systems to deliver content to subscribers. Though the infrastructure is robust, it is not failure-free. Cable- and dipole-insulation can crack due to long-term UV exposure. Feeder cables can get damaged by heavy winds, icefall or corrosion. Inadvertent overload with RF-power or lighting strikes can also occur.

AMS is engineered to detect flaws in broadcast transmission infrastructure and alert you to the problem before the damage is done. It helps keep your system on air.