Combiner Solutions to Public Colombian Broadcasting Corporation

Señal Colombia Sistema de Medios Publicos (RTVC) awarded the turnkey project for the digitalization of the first 14 digital stations to a joint venture of the Colombian and Spanish Rohde & Schwarz local companies.

Awesome 4.3-10 VSWR & low PIM Test Results for LTE & Mobile Broadband

Outstanding PIM and VSWR test results confirm the 4.3-10 connector system an excellent performance.

New SpinnerFlex TopFit Jumpers

With its new SpinnerFlex® TopFit jumpers SPINNER presents the latest generation of their well-known cable assemblies for mobile communications.

OSLT Calibration Kits for Plug Connector Series 2.92 mm

We are extending the SPINNER measurement technology components with a new range of highly precise, compact calibration kits which are configured on an extended frequency range.

Articulated Lines as RF Test Cables Replacement

SPINNER developed articulated lines to replace the RF test cables between the test port of a vector network analyzer (VNA) and the device under test (DUT). Other than conventional RF test cables they have an excellent phase and amplitude stability, even in motion and at very high signal frequencies.

Successfull Provision of Prototypes of a Fully None-Contacting Rotary Joint System

Begin of 2013 SPINNER has launched the development of a fully none-contacting rotary joint system, compound of a DC power transmission module and a fiber optic channel. Therein, the fiber optic channel is highly integrated into the DC power module, allowing most compact form factor with rotation velocities up to 3,000 rpms.

New compact UHF filters size 40 for DTV mask filtering for low power transmitters

SPINNER is extending the product range of mask filters (for all TV-Standards ATSC, ATV, DVB-T, DVB-T2, DVB-T2 extended and ISDB-T) with a new, compact filter for up to 130 W TX power.

4.3-10 Connectors

New 4.3-10 connector system for the mobile communication market

Leading connector suppliers HUBER+SUHNER, Rosenberger, SPINNER and Telegärtner jointly developed a new connector system for the mobile communication market. The new 4.3-10 connector system is designed to meet the rising performance needs of mobile network equipment and at the same time reducing its size supporting the ongoing space reduction requirements.

New SPINNER Fast Ethernet Modules Successfully Integrated in C and X Band Radar Systems

As a result, the new AKASH C band radar system has been approved by the Indian Army. The entire system is mounted on a truck and is ideal for surveillance, tracking and IFF tasks. The integrated 90 kW generator allows a mobile and independent operation, regardless to its location.

New Compact UHF Filter Size 230 for DTV Mask Filtering up to 18 kW

SPINNER presents a new, compact design UHF mask filter for up to 18 kW power covering all TV standards (ATSC, ATV, DVB-T, DVB-T2, DVB-T2 extended and ISDB-T).