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For decades SPINNER has been the supplier of RF feed line systems for major high-energy physics research centres. Besides pure particle accelerators for basic research (through particle collision), over time an increasing number of high-energy machines for generating synchrotron radiation has come into use. Such systems are no longer exclusively used in scientific applications, but are also employed in special hospitals, e. g. for cancer treatment.

SPINNER supplies a broad range of products for use between the high-power generators and the accelerator structures that drive the electrons, protons and ions.

SPINNER High Energy LoadSPINNER High Energy Load

SPINNER Pumping portSPINNER Pumping Port

Today FELs (Free Electron Lasers) are usually implemented as one of two versions: either with superconductive accelerator structures (cavities) fed by 1.3 GHz or with "warm" cavities working in the S-band.

  • For the 1.3 GHz L-band SPINNER supplies WR650 waveguides made of aluminium. Our product range includes straight lines, bends, hybrids and directional couplers that can withstand the required power peaks of >5 MW pulse.

  • In the S-band at 3 GHz even higher power peaks are used, where they reach up to 30 MW. In order to ensure proper dielectric strength, the options are to generate a high vacuum in the waveguide or to pressurise the whole system, ideally with SF6 gas. Special low-oxygen copper (OFHC) is used for manufacturing the waveguides, directional couplers and high-vacuum phase shifters. In order to keep the properties at an extremely stable level all components are kept at a constant temperature by water-cooled pipes.

  • Low frequency energy is used for accelerating heavy particles, such as ions. Here, due to the physical properties and for space reasons we mainly use high-power coaxial cables or rigid lines with a large cross-section.

This is another area where SPINNER offers you top precision for optimum performance. Again you can trust in our quality and our experience.

SPINNER Phase shifterSPINNER Phase Shifter

SPINNER Pressure windowSPINNER Pressure Window


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