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SpinnerFlex® jumper cables are ideal for cost-effectively connecting base stations and antennas. Their top-quality design, materials, and production ensure optimal connectivity, easy installation, and fault-free functioning, even under extremely harsh environmental conditions.

SPINNER Jumper Cable

Customized with Short Lead-Time

SPINNER lets you flexibly order a virtually unlimited variety of customized jumper cables to suit your project’s requirements. Simply specify the cable type, length, connector combination, and quantity, and you’re done. We guarantee fast delivery. Please use our sales article numbers when making inquiries and placing orders.

SPINNER has been making jumpers for more than 25 years and completely automated their production 10 years ago. This is reflected in their outstanding quality and reliability.

4.3-10 and 7-16 Low PIM Jumpers - PIM Test at SPINNER

SPINNER JumperFlexibly Configure Your Jumpers
SpinnerFlex Jumpers - Top Quality, Top Performance - Every Time

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CPR-Compliant SpinnerFlex® Jumpers

In the summer of 2017, the EU Construction Products Regulation (CPR) was expanded to include cables. Now only CPR-compliant cables may be used in construction projects. Jumpers aren’t covered by this regulation yet, but they are just as important when it comes to fire protection. SPINNER therefore now also offers its popular SpinnerFlex® TopFit and SpinnerFlex® MultiFit jumpers based on cables that conform to the CPR.

When ordering CPR jumpers, please indicate our article numbers and specify the cable jacket with a “C” for CPR.

You can find more information on the EU Construction Products Regulation here and more information on our sales article numbers here.

SPINNER CPR JumperSpinnerFlex® CPR Jumper


Cable declaration of performance

SpinnerFlex® jumpers are available in three types:

SpinnerFlex®TopFit Jumpers

These models are available with size SF 1/2", SF 3/8", SF 1/4" and LF 1/2" corrugated tubing and can be configured with any desired connector at each end. Please use our sales article numbers when making inquiries and placing orders for our TopFit Jumper.

spinner flex topfit jumperSpinnerFlex® TopFit Jumper

SpinnerFlex® MultiFit Jumpers

These are SF 1/2" jumper cables. One end can be fitted with any desired connector, while the other terminates in a LF 7/8" MultiFit connector for direct connection to the feeder line. Using our SPINNER MultiFit® jumpers lets you eliminate a connector, speed up installation, and achieve a technically superior final result. Please use our sales article numbers when making inquiries and placing orders for our MultiFit Jumper.

spinner jumperkabelSpinnerFlex® MultiFit Jumper

SpinnerFlex® Hybrid Jumpers

SpinnerFlex® hybrid jumpers are jumper-feeder combinations with SF 1/2" jumpers at both ends. Most of the connection consists of a LF7/8“ feeder line, with transitions to considerably more flexible SF 1/2” jumpers that are made in our factory by an automated process. This lets you not only save several connectors at the mobile communication site, but also complete jobs much faster while ensuring the best possible connection between the base station and antenna. Please use our sales article numbers when making inquiries and placing orders for our Hybrid Jumper.

spinner jumper kabelSpinnerFlex® Hybrid Jumper

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