Millimeter Wave Measurement

SPINNER millimeter wave testing components give you unprecedented flexibility in creating millimeter wave testing environments. Our solutions are mechanically extremely flexible and uncompromisingly good in technical terms.

The number of applications in the millimeter wave range is growing steadily, and with them the need for appropriate testing equipment. The portfolio of proven products that SPINNER has created for VNA applications are rounded out by these components, which have been specifically developed for millimeter waves. A special benefit for users of this product range is its significantly expanded range of uses.

SPINNER E Connector

1.35 mm - E Connector

The Robust Precision Interface for DC to 90 GHz

As the market for millimeter wave sensors for self-driving vehicles expands, the demand for proper RF connections in testing environments is also growing.

Reliable coaxial interface connections are crucial for achieving good RF performance, especially in E-band applications. A common frustration in RF laboratories is unwanted unlocking of the 1.00 mm coaxial thread performing time-consuming calibrations. This spawned the idea of a 1.35 mm connector the “E Connector” with a precise metric thread like the 1.85 mm connector plus an integrated time-saving push-pull capability.

SPINNER E ConnectorsSPINNER 1.35 mm - E Connectors

SPINNER EConnector

Download SPINNER E-Connector brochure (3 MB)

SPINNER EasyLaunch

SPINNER EasyLaunch is a PCB signal-tapping adapter that is designed to reliably pick up millimeter wave signals from PCBs. The flush-mounted SPINNER EasyLaunch avoids compromising the PCB surface and ensures optimal measurement results. It is available with either a coaxial or a waveguide connector.

SPINNER EasyLaunchSPINNER EasyLaunch PCB Adaptor

SPINNER EasyLaunch Flyer


SPINNER EasySnake performs the function of a flexible dielectric waveguide. However, classic waveguides are typically rigid, which places considerable constraints on the design of test configurations. The SPINNER EasySnake overcomes this by combining the flexibility of a conventional RF test cable with the excellent low-loss transmission characteristics of a conventional waveguide system. It can be flexibly bent and moved in any direction while delivering excellent measurement results.

SPINNER EasysnakeSPINNER EasySnake

SPINNER EasySnake Flyer


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