Tools and Accessories

To permit even easier, safer use of our connectors, we offer you a whole range of practical tools and accessories.

SPINNER has developed stripping tools for corrugated copper tube cables with foam dielectric. Compared with conventional tools this helps to reduce the time required for installation by more than 60%.

SPINNER Trimming ToolSPINNER Cutting/Trimming Tool
SPINNER InstallationvideosWatch Videos: Installation of SPINNER Connectors

Watch Videos: Installation of SPINNER Connectors

Since the stripping blades in the tool have a fixed position there is no variation in the trimmed cable shape. The inner conductor deburring and outer conductor flaring functions are integrated, so there is no need for any further conventional tool. Thus even untrained installation staff can achieve excellent installation results.

For installing connectors for air-dielectric corrugated copper tube cables SPINNER has developed flaring tools in order to ensure an optimum RF contact between the cable and the connector. The basic tools can be used for several cable sizes by using additional inserts dies. For checking the mating face dimensions of connectors we offer gauges with probes that are adapted to the respective connector type.

The use of SPINNER tools help you to reduce installation costs significantly and maintain constant installation quality at the same time.

SPINNER Plast 2000 injection gun and sealing compound for SPINNER CAF® Plast 2000 connectors and SPINNER Torque Wrench:

SPINNER Plast2000SPINNER Plast 2000

SPINNER Torque WrenchSPINNER Torque Wrench

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