Coaxial Connectors

SPINNER connectors set standards. They have been successfully used for decades in a wide range of industries and technologies including mobile telephony, broadcast, measurement systems, and radar. Our extensive portfolio includes everything from coaxial connector systems for foam- or air-insulated cables in corrugated tubes to elliptical waveguides.

SPINNER Coaxial Connectors

4.3-10 Connectors

We invented the world’s best-selling connector system, 7-16, and also played a major role in developing the 4.3-10 system.

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2.2-5 and NEX10® Connectors

The miniaturization trend in connector systems is continuing. Higher frequencies and more compact devices are calling for ever-smaller connectors. And the market launch of 2.2-5 and NEX10® has introduced two systems that precisely meet these challenges.

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Cluster Connectors

The 2.2-5 connector system is also integrated in the SPINNER Cluster Connector. This technology accommodates a wide variety of connector types, including RF, DC, AISG and fiber optics, in a single container-type unit. It enables more compact housings, minimizes associated risks, and speeds installation.

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While designing a new connector, we strive to ensure excellent technical properties, extreme ease of use and a long service life. Our goal is to support the creation of top-quality transmission networks so as to lastingly reduce operating costs for our customers.

We offer connectors belonging to the following groups:

Coaxial Cable Connectors

The connector systems most commonly used in mobile communication are 7-16, 4.3-10, 4.1-9.5, and N.

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SPINNER ConnectorsCoaxial Cable Connectors

SPINNER InstallationvideosInstallation of SPINNER Connectors (Videos)

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Coaxial Housing Connectors

SPINNER housing connectors are available for various types of cable connections as well as for ready-made cables.

SPINNER Coax Housing ConnectorsCoaxial Housing Connectors

Coaxial Adapters

We offer you a large range of inter-series and within-series adaptors for joining a large number of different connector systems.

SPINNER AdaptorsCoaxial Adapters

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