Combining Components and Systems for Broadcast

Multi-Channel Combiners for Broadcast Applications

In broadcast applications multi-channel combiners are used to combine the signals of two or several channels on to one antenna. SPINNER combiners stand out for their low VSWR, low insertion loss, high isolation between the inputs, compact design and easy installation. SPINNER frequency combiners are used world-wide, and since they are so reliable and maintenance-free they regularly exceed the high expectations that our customers have of SPINNER products.

The coupling of directional couplers used for monitoring varies with frequency (except “flat response” models). If you need the coupling value of a SPINNER directional coupler at a frequency different from the reference frequency noted at the product, please follow the link to our correction table:

Correction table for monitoring couplers


Depending on the channel spacing SPINNER offers the following solutions for combining:

Constant Impedance Broadband (CIB) Combiners

CIB combiners are mainly used when the channels are close together or when retuning is required. Even adjacent channel or adjacent block operation and the combination with starpoint and strechline combiners at a later point in time are possible.

Starpoint and Manifold Combiners

Starpoint and manifold combiners are usually designed as 2- or 3-way combiners and require a minimum spacing of one channel or one DAB block in between.

SPINNER Combiner Manifold SPINNER Manifold Combiner

Stretchline Combiners

Stretchline combiners are used as 2-way combiners when the minimum spacing is larger than three channels. Suitable mask filters can be used for converting this type of combiner from analogue to digital operation.

SPINNER Combiner Stretch LineSPINNER Stretch Line Combiner


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