Rigid Line Components and Waveguides

RF signals are routed from the transmitter to the antenna through coaxial cables with air or foam dielectric, coaxial rigid lines or through waveguides, mostly with a square, round or elliptical cross-section.

SPINNER Rigid LineSPINNER Rigid Line
SPINNER Wave GuideSPINNER Waveguide

Depending on the power to be transmitted and on the frequency range the size of the cables and rigid lines varies between ¼“ and 9 3/16“.  For such transmission lines SPINNER supplies the flanges, straight rigid lines, elbows, inner supports, coupling elements, gas barriers and adapter pieces as well as trimming lines, direct access units and phase shifters to adjust and measure the lines.

The standard insulation of the components is PTFE. For high-power pulses of several megawatts we recommend ceramic rods or disks.

It is mainly for higher frequencies in the range between 3 and 30 GHz that waveguides with various cross-sections are used for transmitting RF signals. For transmission lines with square waveguides SPINNER offers straight line elements, twists, elbows, pressure windows and waveguide-coaxial adapters.  Components for adjusting and measuring waveguide systems are also available upon request.

All coaxial and waveguide components made by SPINNER stand out for their best VSWR and low insertion loss. Also, depending on the application requirements they are suited for operation under pressure or in vacuum. When it comes to versions with special material alloys SPINNER is also your partner and develops the optimum technical solution for you.

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