Hybrid Rotary Joints

New technologies and more compact designs often make it necessary to transmit a variety of signals and/or media via a single rotary joint. SPINNER has been reliably supplying high-frequency rotary joints since the 1960s, and our decades of experience have enabled us to design hybrid rotary joints for virtually any requirement.

SPINNER Hybrid Rotary JointsLeft: 6-channel rotary joint with slip ring and encoder
Right: 2-channel optical rotary joint with slip ring

Transmission Methods

All combinations of any of a wide variety of transmission methods are possible. They include fiber-optic rotary joints, slip rings for transmitting high power or large data volumes, integrated passages for air or other coolants, encoders, or contactless digital transmitters for high-speed Ethernet and RF signals. We also repair and service rotary joints.

High-Quality, Complex Solutions

Due to the level of complexity of hybrid rotary joints, they mainly tend to be custom solutions. By combining standardized modules for different transmission paths, at SPINNER we’re able to design and supply new products quite fast. We focus on ensuring high reliability, a long service life, and minimal maintenance.

SPINNER hybrid rotary joints Left: 2 channel RF, 1 channel fiber optic and slip ring rotary joint
Right: five-channel rotary joint with S and L bands


The individual parts of each rotary joint are all made using high-precision machines and assembled in our own cleanroom if required or requested. This ensures consistently high quality. SPINNER rotary joints excel with compact designs, excellent VSWR and low insertion loss, minimal fluctuation of transmission characteristics while rotating, and high crosstalk attenuation between individual channels across the entire range of frequencies used.

For an enquiry to a custom-made rotary joint, please call our Rotating Solutions Team at +49 (89) 12601-4130 or write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


The typical uses for hybrid rotary joints include civilian and military weather, flight control (ATC), tracking, surveillance and sea rescue radar systems, which must work reliably day in and day out. You find SPINNER hybrid rotary joints also in Sat on the move applications, optronic systems and ruggedized civil and military systems.

SPINNER Hybrid Rotary Joint 532528SPINNER hybrid rotary joint wirh RF and fiber optic channels, gigabit Ehternet lines and slip rings for power transmission

Hybrid rotary joints are also conquering a steady stream of new markets and applications. Examples include studio technology, rotating theater stages, mechanical engineering, automation technology, port and offshore uses, wind turbines, and tidal energy generators. Rotating applications are also calling for faster data systems and higher bandwidths. SPINNER meets these requirements with maintenance-free contactless digital rotary joints that permit real-time data transmission rates of up to a gigabit per second.

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