Surge Protectors and DC Breaks

Mobile communication systems are constantly at risk of being adversely affected or damaged by overvoltages, induced DC voltages etc. Protective devices such as surge protectors and DC breaks are used to offset these external influences. Both have the job of safeguarding the connected system without interfering with its operation. Products from SPINNER are excellent suited for protecting mobile communication installations, due to their low PIM, attenuation and reflection. Our protective devices are available with a choice of 7-16, 4.3-10 or N connector.

Surge Protectors

Overvoltages are typically the result of electromagnetic induction as a result of events such as lightning strikes. For different applications, SPINNER offers surge protectors with gas discharge tube, λ/4 short-circuit loop or a combination or both in a hybrid surge protector.

SPINNER Surge Protectors groupSPINNER Surge Protectors

DC Breaks

DC breaks are used to prevent direct currents and low-frequency signals from spreading, for example along railway lines as a result of induced voltages, and influencing other equipment in the vicinity. Our DC breaks very effectively achieve this, since their inner and outer conductors are separate. Our “inner-only” models are mainly used for mobile communication antennas that are controlled by low-frequency signals.


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