Sustainable Mobile Reception Inside Buildings

Passive in-building solutions from SPINNER enable excellent mobile reception inside buildings – with a host of economic and environmental benefits.

Plug-and-Play Slip Ring System and L-Band Modules in SPINNER ATC Rotary Joints

The aviation industry has experienced tremendous growth over the last two years. This has in turn created a greater need to monitor the airspace around and between airports. And as air traffic density continues to increase, highly reliable components are becoming crucial for efficiently managing it.

New Low PIM Switching Matrix – Production Testing at up to 6 GHz

The new SPINNER Low PIM switching matrix now enables production testing at up to 6 GHz. It also features self-intermodulation capabilities down to an impressive -168 dBc! This makes your test workflow faster, more efficient, and much more reliable.

SPINNER In-Building Antennas Now Available in Your Preferred Color

Discover unmatched versatility: SPINNER In-Building antennas now offer a vast selection of individual color finishes, encompassing the entire range of RAL colors. Seamlessly integrate them into any environment with unparalleled flexibility.

SPINNER Mobile Products Now Available on

We are delighted to announce that our exceptional mobile communication products can now be found on the renowned platform. This latest development presents a remarkable opportunity for you to enhance your tendering process by incorporating our extensive specification texts and captivating product images seamlessly.

SPINNER In-Building System in Senckenberg Tower in Frankfurt am Main

SPINNER and its partner have equipped the Senckenberg Tower high-rise office development in Frankfurt am Main with a passive 4G multi-operator in-house system. SPINNER thus once again ensures optimum mobile reception in a building with complex architecture for all standard mobile networks.

Quick and Easy Installation of Ruggedized Test Port Adapters From SPINNER

Ruggedized test port adapters from SPINNER are quick and easy to attach to your vector network analyzer so you can start getting results right away. Plus, they very effectively protect the VNA test port from accidental damage.

SPINNER MNCS® for Singapore MRT Tunnel – Circle Line Upgrading Project

In May this year, Petracarbon was awarded the contract to supply and install 60 units of SPINNER Mobile Network Combining Systems - MNCS® - for the MRT tunnel Circle Line upgrading project. The technical development of the MNCS® design was accomplished in close cooperation between SPINNER China, Petracarbon, the Singapore mobile operators - Singtel, M1, StarHub and SIMBA – as well as the Land Transport Authority (LTA) and Singapore Technologies.

1.5-3.5 OSL Calibration Kit for Complete Single-Channel Calibration

The 1.5-3.5 series features the successful design pioneered by the low-PIM 4.3-10 series but with smaller dimensions. While the 4.3-10 series is similar in size to a conventional type N connector, the 1.5-3.5 series is much smaller to meet the typical space requirements of the SMA series.

SPINNER supports IO-Link

The new bearing-free, and thus maintenance-free, rotary joint has a free internal diameter of 140 mm and enables on the one hand a safe IO-Link transmission of two IO-Link channels and on the other hand contactless energy transmission to provide the power supply for the connected sensors.