New SPINNER MQ4 and MQ5 Cluster Jumpers Enable Highly Integrated Antennas

The data volumes handled by mobile communication systems have been growing exponentially in recent years and are expected to continue multiplying in the years ahead. The need for ever-faster transmission rates, lower latencies, and larger network capacities can only be met with new technologies such as 5G.

World Record: SPINNER Releases a 109-Channel Fiber-Optic Rotary Joint

SPINNER has enlarged its portfolio of fiber-optic rotary joints with a new record-setting version with no fewer than 109 channels. This new model is ideally suited for use in offshore and FPSO applications (see below) while delivering clear competitive advantages.

SPINNER Has Joined the 5G Media Action Group

As 5G makes rapid strides worldwide, trials and pilots of 5G Broadcast are also attracting considerable interest. They include projects to test the use of a single-frequency network (SFN) to support both networks operating in broadcasting mode: cellular networks and radio stations. SPINNER sees great potential in this trend and therefore joined the 5G Media Action Group (5G MAG) in mid-2021.

New Products and Innovations on SPINNER Product Finder

Get ready for the future by checking out the latest product innovations and releases in our RF portfolio! You can count on our products to meet your current and future requirements. To see our latest new products, you can go here at any time. The list is continually updated, so we encourage you to visit it regularly.

How to Integrate the 5G Broadcast Standard in Existing Broadcasting Towers

The idea of supplementing 5G broadband cellular networks with a broadcasting mode is rapidly catching on around the world. Alongside the option of directly addressing multiple recipients in mobile cells, enthusiasm about creating a high-power, high-tower overlay network has been growing. This paves the way for broadcast or multicast signals with an enormous range.

SPINNER Rotary Joints Fly to Mars

The Chinese Tianwen-1 Mars mission carried special space-appropriate single- and dual-channel X-band rotary joints from SPINNER on board. Following its launch on July 23, 2020, it became the first Chinese spacecraft to go into orbit around the red planet on February 10, 2021.

A New 5G Hexaplexer for More Effective In-Building Wireless Coverage Solutions

5G is progressing by leaps and bounds, and has meanwhile also made it to in-building cellular coverage solutions. So far, 5G bands with frequencies up to 3800 MHz have had to be laboriously cascaded. But the new SPINNER hexaplexer makes things a lot easier.

New Low PIM Test Load for In-Building Systems

The search for the ultimate low-PIM load for in-building projects has finally come to a happy end. Read why the new load from SPINNER breaks new ground and is the new number one. And we don’t mean maybe!

New 4x4 MIMO Antennas for 5G In-Building Mobile Communications Solutions

About two years ago, SPINNER added in-building antennas to its portfolio. This move upgraded us to the status of a complete supplier for in-building mobile communications solutions. From combining all the way to antennas, everything is available from a single source in the high quality that SPINNER is famous for.

SPINNER Austria - New Address

Our sales office in Austria has moved. You can now find us in our new location at:

SPINNER Austria GmbH  |  Modecenterstraße 22/C38  |  1030 Wien  |  Austria