Secure Transmission of Digital Data in Rotating Applications

The advantages of RF rotary joints from SPINNER include their compact design, outstanding VSWR and low insertion loss, low deviations of transmission properties during the rotation and a high degree of isolation between the individual channels throughout the entire frequency range.

Radar Rotary Joints with Contactless Data Transmission

The radical reduction in cabling saves weight and increases the efficiency of the system. However, ever increasing amounts of data with high transmission rates also require demanding digital data transmission solutions.

New MNCS - now even more flexible

The demands on the SPINNER MNCS system have changed in recent years: Smartphones with dominant data connections, LTE and MIMO antenna systems are challenges which will also need to be conquered cost-effectively in the future.

PIM as LTE Brake - not with SPINNER

Long Term Evolution or LTE for short is the term on every-one’s lips – new frequencies and improved technology provide users with greater bandwidths and even faster access times on mobile networks. Many countries are working flat-out to develop their network.

Brasilia Tower

We are proud to announce SPINNER as the combining system supplier for the Brasilia Tower. It is the first television tower with antenna sharing in Brazil, where public and private channels are combined and broadcasted by one common antenna.

SPINNER Simplifies Frequency Combining

More and more mobile network providers are building on the economic advantages of a shared infrastructure. New frequencies or providers had to be interconnected again at great effort and expense.

New Media Rotary Joints

At the end of 2013, the first media rotary joint made by SPINNER was delivered. This milstone is a very important step for SPINNER regarding its development from supplier of high frequency (RF) and optic as well as non-contacting signal transmitters to a system provider for rotary joints.

A rucksack is to blame... Patch panel U-links with highest safety standard

A carelessly worn backpack accidentally unlocked one of our U-links of a transmitting station. Such a thing should not happen again: Thanks to a new safety function, our U-links are also "backpack-proof" in the future.

EasyDock – Automated Tests Save Time & Money with a new RF Measurement Adapter

EasyDock is a spring-mounted measurement adapter that guarantees perfect contact and reliable operation even when the axes of the test device and the dapter are not perfectly aligned. The aim was to automate quality tests and measurements of RF products in order to carry them out faster and therefore reduce costs without sacrifi cing the quality or precision of the measurement.

4.3-10 Connector Keeps Impressing with Low PIM on Jumpers

Last month we’ve been sharing the awesome performance of 4.3-10 fixed connector. The need for low PIM products is raising with mobile broadband and the addition of LTE to the spectrums.