Measuring of 75 Ω Line Systems

Recently SPINNER has expanded its broadcasting portfolio by adding quite a few new products for large line sizes of 6 1/8”, 7 3/16” and 8 3/16” with 75 Ω impedance, including antenna monitoring systems, adaptors, direct access units and switches. SPINNER supplies dedicated 75Ω calibration kits for these products.

SPINNER S Band Rotary Joints for Use in Space

SPINNER has expanded its range of rotary joints for use in space, primarily in antenna pointing mechanisms. Many of the rotary joints already available for use in space operate in the X, K or Ka band, and SPINNER has now also developed units for the S band.

SPINNER @ NAB 2018: Solutions for Repack

At SPINNER we take pride in being one of the world’s leading suppliers of RF broadcasting systems. We play a major role in DTV-rollouts all over the world and know the challenges of large-scale and nationwide deployments. Our production capacity is extremely high and able to build over 1000 complex multichannel combining and switching systems per year.

Transmitter power levels in the USA are among the highest in the world. SPINNER now supplies many of its signature products in sizes up to 9 3/16”, including the patented Antenna Monitoring System (AMS) and our Direct Access Units. New additions to our portfolio include a complete line of 75Ω adapters from N to 6 1/8”, 7 3/16” and 8 3/16”.
Our switches already have the highest power handling of any coaxial switch we could find on the market (e.g. 6 1/8” 69kW @ 600MHz) and our range of Smart Loads has been extended up to 55kW.

New Mobile Communication Bands up to 3800 MHz

As new mobile applications debut, there is a steadily increasing need for greater bandwidth and faster transmission. The Internet of Things (IoT) poses enormous requirements in terms of capacity, data rates and latency times, and this is only the beginning. More mobile communication frequencies are essential. 5G is laying the foundation for this growth, and the new frequency range extending up to 3800 Mhz is the first milestone.

V-, E- and W-Band Rotary Joints and Flexible Dielectric Waveguides for Measurement Applications

Full-band designs for V-, E-and W-Band rotary joints—covering the frequency ranges from 50 to 75 GHz, 60 to 90 GHz and 75 to 110 GHz, respective­ly—have been added to SPINNER’s rotary joint portfolio, which initial­ly covered narrowband W-Band. For high-end testing applications requiring very low insertion loss, high stability and good VSWR, flexible dielectric waveguides for the E-band  and W-band are available for supplementing the rotary joints. This reduces weight and results in extreme flex­ibility, very low transmission loss and high stability, offering a high-performance alternative to a tradi­tional flexible waveguide section or test cable.

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