5G Broadcast Ready for Commercialization

At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February 2022, visitors witnessed the first end-to-end commercial 5G Broadcast solution in action. A live signal was transmitted within the exhibition center in Barcelona, using a Rohde & Schwarz transmitter, sectorized antenna systems from Cellnex and a smartphone form-factor test device from Qualcomm Technologies. SPINNER supplied a mask filter from its portfolio.

Rotary Joints for GigE with Large 300 mm Clear Inner Diameter

This new contactless GigE rotary transmission solution now makes it possible for SPINNER to supply products with an especially large inner diameter for dependably transmitting Ethernet protocols across a rotating interface. The joints feature a clear inner diameter of 300 mm and enable reliable Gigabit-Ethernet-LAN transmission. This isn’t possible with conventional sliprings or other technologies.

How to Increase the Accuracy of RF Test Results

The scattering parameters of a device under test (DUT) are measured using a vector network analyzer (VNA). Before starting, however, the VNA should be calibrated applying a set of known calibration standards to identify and minimize systemic errors. Accurate calibration is a must for reliable results.

SPINNER Diplexer for Interference-Free Coexistence of TDD and FDD Bands 7 and 38 of the 2600 MHz Spectrum

SPINNER has just released an important component for enabling the concurrent use of TDD and FDD in the 2600 MHz frequency band: our new diplexer BN 570761, which lets you combine bands 7 and 38 without any interference.

SPINNER RF Power Protector: Intelligent Protection for Active In-Building DAS Systems

It’s a major challenge to get optical system components, which typically have low input levels, to work well with conventional radio stations with their high output levels. The time has come for the new, innovative SPINNER RF Power Protector with its globally unique functionality!