New Low PIM Test Load for In-Building Systems

The search for the ultimate low-PIM load for in-building projects has finally come to a happy end. Read why the new load from SPINNER breaks new ground and is the new number one. And we don’t mean maybe!

New 4x4 MIMO Antennas for 5G In-Building Mobile Communications Solutions

About two years ago, SPINNER added in-building antennas to its portfolio. This move upgraded us to the status of a complete supplier for in-building mobile communications solutions. From combining all the way to antennas, everything is available from a single source in the high quality that SPINNER is famous for.

SPINNER Adapter 4.3-10 to NEX10®

The NEX10® market is growing―and with it the SPINNER portfolio

NEX10® products are increasingly penetrating the market, thus also generating a need for even more adapter versions for combining them with older connectors used in mobile systems.

SPINNER Austria - New Address

Our sales office in Austria has moved. You can now find us in our new location at:

SPINNER Austria GmbH  |  Modecenterstraße 22/C38  |  1030 Wien  |  Austria

What Does 5G Broadcast Mean for Broadcasters?

The trend among consumers is shifting from conventional “linear” television watched at home to mobile on-demand videos. In other words, movies and news reports are increasingly being consumed on the go. This is imposing significant additional loads on mobile communications networks, and cell sites can only support a limited number of recipients.