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Network operators, installation companies and transmitter manufacturers all over the world rely on intelligent RF technology solutions from SPINNER to successfully accomplish their ambitious projects for efficient and robust broadcast networks.

No matter if you only have a vague concept, a concrete idea or a detailed block diagram: You are in good hands with us because we have more than 50 years of experience in developing and building complex systems that work between the transmitter and the antenna. 

SPINNER Broadcast Service


The typical applications for our systems include:

  • distributing or combining the signals from one or several transmitters to one or several antennas
  • implementing strategies to increase network reliability or to minimise downtime
  • ensuring flexible operating modes for changing requirements or for example test or emergency operation


SPINNER AMS (Antenna Monitoring System)

The SPINNER AMS is an arc and water ingress early detection system, continuously monitoring the entire antenna infrastructure and alerting you to the problem before the damage is done.


It is an ingeniously simple design, with easy and fast installation. All the components are housed indoor at a single spot, with no invasive changes to the system and zero signal distortion. The AMS detector can be integrated in our U-links for mounting on any SPINNER patch panel or anywhere inside an existing rigid line.


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5G Broadcast: New Ways to Distribute Content –
Achieve Wider Coverage and Lower Costs

In mobile networks there is a clear trend toward enormous data volumes. This has been driven by a significant increase in mobile phone use, data consumption and interconnectivity over the last decade.

SPINNER 5G Broadcast

5G Broadcast vastly increases the speed of cellular networks and improves bandwidth, latency and spectrum availability to enable better and wider coverage. It will greatly benefit mobile devices, automotive applications, and the IoT.

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Our engineers design combiner systems that are customized to all customer needs and include all the extra components required between the transmitter and antenna, such as test loads, by-pass or half-antenna patch panels, automatic switching etc. We provide pre-assembled systems including all the interconnection lines – so that the customer can minimize the installation time.

spinner group 575306

Combining Systems

SPINNER is one of the world-leading manufacturer of combining systems. SPINNER builds channel combiners from 100W up to 23kW per channel with a combined power of 80 kW per single output. The power can be doubled by parallel combiner chains with 2 or more outputs.

spinner group channel combining


In digital TV mask, filtering is needed to limit the out-of channel emissions according to the various mask specifications (ATSC, DAB, DTT and ISDB-T). SPINNER builds filters from 100W up to 16kW and works together with all major transmitter manufacturers.

spinner group filter 616669

RF Switching

SPINNER offers switches with an outstanding performance. With different drive concepts (lifting magnet, impulse solenoid, motor drive) and precision engineering, SPINNER RF switches achieve very quick switching times from 25 m/s to approximately one second, making them the fastest and most compact RF switches available on the market.

In addition, for sizes from 1 5/8” EIA and bellow 4 1/2” EIA, SPINNER offers a plug-in version that can be installed on patch panels where alternative operation with U-links is possible.

spinner group 941989 rf switching


SPINNER offers a wide range of loads from 2W up to 30kW. We can also manufacture bigger loads on request.

For high power absorption and dissipation, our loads feature fan cooling for 5kW and liquid cooling for 10kW and above. The liquid cooling loads are smart loads with the automatic switching of the liquid circuit, also allowing for efficient when they are not used at full power.

spinner group loads

Rigid Lines and Feeder Connectors

SPINNER produces rigid lines for interconnecting all elements inside TV stations and connectors compatible with all the major cable manufactures.

spinner rigid lines and feeder Connectors

Power Combining

For double transmitter configuration, SPINNER offers a wide range of solutions: manual patch panels with 3dB couplers, parallel switching units with ball or plug-in switches, and switchless combiners.

spinner group power combining

Patch Panels

SPINNER patch panels are the most reliable of their kind available on the market. They include micro-strip contacts to guarantee a perfect connection even after repeated operations. They are easy to handle and do not need any extra tools for installation.

spinner group patch panels2

After Sales Service

In addition to our in-house technical service, our experienced technicians assist our customers in almost every part of the world. We have supported customers all around the world in retuning combiners, including exceptionally remote locations with difficult access.

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Catalogs and Brochures (PDF Download)

  • AMS EN

    SPINNER Antenna Monitoring System (AMS) (4 MB, 18 pages)

  • Broadcast Catalog EN

    Broadcast Catalog (32 MB, 236 pages)

  • 5G Broadcast EN

    5G Broadcast (2 MB, 8 pages)

  • FM Solutions EN

    FM Solutions (2.5 MB, 12 pages)

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