RF Measurement

Today any development, production, test or quality assurance department that works with RF signals on coaxial lines cannot do without up-to-date measuring equipment.

Especially, when vectorial network analysers are used, high-precision connectors, terminations and adapters are indispensable. The same applies to calibration kits and mechanical accessories such as gauges for checking the mating face dimensions or torque wrenches for tightening coupling nuts. In manufacturing such components SPINNER has reached a level of precision which sets new standards which many users would not want to be without.

SPINNER RF Measurement

Coaxial measurement devices made by SPINNER are needed in aerospace industry, sensor technology, and for measuring electromagnetic compatibility. In medical engineering, for civil and military radar systems, for analogue and digital broadcasting as well as for radio link systems measurement technique is also essential.

Precise measured values are especially important when high power is transmitted. Another field of application are extensive measurements in various mobile communication systems such as GSM, UMTS or LTE and in wireless data transmission, e. g. WiMAX, WLAN or RFID.

SPINNER supplies coaxial measurement equipment with excellent electrical and mechanical quality for use at frequencies between a few kilohertz and 67 GHz.

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