VNA Test and Measurement

SPINNER carries a wide range of components for vector network analyzers.

R&D, testing, and quality control departments need equipment for measuring RF signals. We offer them precision-made coaxial components that include connectors, adaptors, transitions, termination loads, and attenuators, in addition to complete calibration kits.

All of our testing components boast low VSWR and attenuation as well as outstanding intermodulation properties throughout the frequency range for which they are optimized. SPINNER testing components are used worldwide and greatly appreciated for their outstanding reliability.

Calibration Kits

Compact Calibration Kits

Our 4-in-1 calibration kits include open, short, load, and through lines for completely calibrating a network analyzer with two or more ports using the OSLT method.

Our 3-in-1 calibration kits comply with all of the standards for complete OSL calibration of single port network analyzers, which are mainly used for field testing of wireless network installations.
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High-Precision Calibration Kits

For even greater accuracy, SPINNER high-precision calibration kits are supplied with customized calibrating coefficients.
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LRL Calibration Kits

LRL (line-reflect-line) calibration provides an enhanced capability for error compensation and is currently the most accurate measurement method.

SPINNER LRL Calibration Kits

Verification Kits

Verification kits help ensure that a vector network analyzer actually performs to its determined accuracy after being calibrated.

SPINNER Varification Kit N

Precision Air Lines

Our air lines feature the lowest return loss per unit of area on the device under test (DUT) and optimal impedance between the DUT’s mating area and the bead.
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Single-Channel Rotary Joints

A rotary joint is connected between the port of the testing device and the cable. This relieves the cable of torsional strain and prolongs its useful life.

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Articulated Lines

Articulated lines boast excellent RF properties and an extremely long service life. They are considerably more robust than ordinary test cables, lasting several times as long.

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Precision Inter- and Within-Series Adaptors/Test Port Adaptors

The service life of plug connectors is limited. Especially in connection with testing equipment, the frequent need to replace worn-out connectors is a major cost factor. A SPINNER port saver prolongs their service life, thus generating considerable cost savings.

SPINNER Port Saver

Connector Gauges

In SPINNER gauges, the scale includes color markings that indicate the tolerance limits of the applicable standard. This makes it easy to obtain a good/bad assessment of the dimensions of precision plug connectors, even without in-depth knowledge of the standard.

A gage block for monitoring and calibrating the gage is included. SPINNER supplies gauges for many coaxial connector types.
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Torque Wrenches

SPINNER supplies matching torque wrenches for plug connectors of all sizes. The torque is calibrated to ensure a reliable connection while preventing damage to the test equipment port.


SPINNER Torque Wrenche

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