SPINNER Antenna Monitoring System:
Protect Your Infrastructure!

The SPINNER AMS (Antenna Monitoring System) is engineered to detect arcing and water ingress in broadcast transmission systems at an early stage and alert you to problems before major damage can occur. It helps you stay on air!


Radio and television broadcasters rely on their systems to deliver content to subscribers. Though the infrastructure is robust, it is not failure-free. The SPINNER AMS monitors the entire antenna system, including patch panels, feeder cables and dipoles. New, recently patented measurement methods reliably detect even minimal arcing and compromised insulation in antennas of any height.

Features of the SPINNER AMS:

  • Distance-to-fault detection
  • Arcing detection
  • Water ingress detection
  • Continuous monitoring of the whole system
  • Local signaling by LEDs and status relays
  • Remote signaling via SNMP and web interface
  • Protection by integrating transmitter into interlock loop
  • No signal distortion
  • Compact design
  • Fast, easy installation
  • All components indoors
  • No invasive changes to the system
  • Suitable for pressurized lines
  • Works for antennas of any height

The insulation of cables and dipole antennas can become brittle and crack from prolonged exposure to UV radiation. Feeder cables can be damaged by strong winds, ice or corrosion. Problems can also result from improper installation or RF overloads.

In the long term, problems can cause the site to be off-air through degraded RF-components or even lead to fire, completely disabling the broadcast system. Operators therefore need a system that reliably detects and pinpoints problems before they can lead to more serious damage.

Distance-to-Fault Detection

The SPINNER AMS not only warns you about faults, but also locates them for a fast repair, saving both time and money.

  • Detection of all types of arcs (matched and unmatched)

  • No signal injected into the antenna line

  • Reliable detection with antennas of any height

  • All components indoors

  • Suitable for pressurized lines

  • Remote monitoring via SNMP and web interface

SPINNER AMS Distance to fault Info

SPINNER AMS: How Does it Work?

This explainer video shows you how the SPINNER AMS works:

SPINNER AMS explainer video (duration: 1:35 minutes)

Power Monitoring Add-On

SPINNER AMS Power MonitoringSPINNER AMS Power Monitoring Add-On

The power monitoring add on remotely and locally monitors the power level and return losses on up to four RF channels.

Different thresholds for warnings and alarms can be individually set.

Benefits of the SPINNER AMS

The SPINNER AMS monitors the entire antenna system, including patch panels, feeder cables and dipoles. New, recently patented measurement methods reliably detect even minimal arcing and compromised insulation in antennas of any height.

All events are continuously recorded and can be checked from anywhere via a user-friendly web interface. If arcing is detected, the AMS triggers an alarm locally on LED lamps and remotely via an SNMP interface. The transmitter can be optionally connected via an interlock interface that cuts off or reduces the power to protect equipment.


The SPINNER AMS Gives You Enormous Value for the Money

Off-air time isn't just a technical issue. The financial cost of repairs and claims brought by content providers can also be huge. By helping you avoid these pitfalls, the AMS gives you enormous value for money.

SPINNER Broadcast AMS CostSave costs with SPINNER AMS

User-Friendly Web Interface for Convinient Antenna Monitoring

  • Distance to fault

    Distance to Fault Detection

  • Dashboard


  • Arc Detection EN

    Arc Diagnosis

  • Power Monitoring EN

    Power Monitoring

SPINNER AMS Components

All SPINNER AMS system components are engineered for indoor installation and can be integrated simple and fast, even in already existing broadcast sites.

SPINNER offers two different mounting forms for the frequency bands FM (Band 2), VHF (Band 3) and UHF (Band 4 & 5):

  • AMS detector in U-links: fast & easy mounting on any SPINNER patch panel
  • AMS Rigid Line Sections: insertion anywhere in any rigid line system for greatest flexibility

SPINNER AMS ProductsThe SPINNER AMS, AMS U-Links and AMS Rigid Line Sections

AMS U-Links

To ensure fast and easy installation and minimally invasive changes to existing systems, we have integrated the AMS detector in U-links for mounting on any SPINNER patch panel.


AMS U-links are available in the following sizes: 1 5/8”, 29-68, 43-98 and 52-120.

Learn more

AMS Rigid Line Sections

To give you greater flexibility for installing the Antenna Monitoring System anywhere, SPINNER has developed rigid AMS line sections for insertion in any rigid line.

SPINNER AMS rigid line

AMS line sections are available in sizes ranging from 1 5/8” EIA to 9 3/16” EIA.

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