Satellite Communication

Satcom is a large field of continuously growing importance for the use of rotary joints. Whenever communication between a satellite and a moving means of transport – be it a ship, an aircraft or a road vehicle – has to be maintained there is almost no way of doing it without rotary joints.

Applications supported by mobile satellite communication systems include broadband internet access, video conferences, telephone service and data transfer. Whereas the majority of applications are civilian the military also uses satcom systems with SPINNER rotary joints.

Rotary joints for satcom mainly have one or two channels and are suited for unidirectional or bi-directional communication. Often coaxial or waveguide rotary joints or combinations of these two versions are employed. The integration of optical transmission is also possible.

spinner gruppe rotating systemRotary joints for satcom (coaxial and waveguide)


A general feature of all SPINNER rotary joints for satcom applications is their special resistance and longevity as well as broadband capacity. By optimising the mechanical interfaces with the remaining system and by designing compact solutions we ensure the minimum system size and thus help the systems manufacturer save costs.

When it comes to rotary joints for satcom many renowned manufacturers rely on rotary joints made by SPINNER.spinner rotating satellite

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