5G Broadcast: New Ways to Distribute Content – Wider Coverage, Lower Costs

In mobile networks there is a clear trend toward enormous data volumes. This has been driven by a significant increase in mobile phone use, data consumption and interconnectivity over the last decade.

 SPINNER 5G Broadcast key

With an High Power High Tower Overlay Network,
5G Broadcast Reduces Mobile Network Loads

5G Broadcast vastly increases the speed of cellular networks and improves bandwidth, latency and spectrum availability to enable better and wider coverage. It will greatly benefit mobile devices, automotive applications, and the IoT.

SPINNER 5G Broadcast Info5G Broadcast: efficient distribution across all cell boundaries

FeMBMS: the Standard Behind 5G Broadcast

Release 14 of the 3GPP mobile broadband standard defined an LTE-based approach known as 5G Broadcast or FeMBMS (= further enhanced/evolved multimedia broadcast multicast service). It involves supplementing a cellular network with an overlaid high-power/high-tower (HPHT) network. Noteworthy is the fact that, for the first time, it lets 100% of transmission capacity be devoted to broadcasting services.

What‘s so special about FeMBMS?

  • 100% downlink signal
  • Supports SFN networks

5G Broadcast Trials

FeMBMS is being used in 5G Broadcast trials worldwide to shed light on the potential of broadcasting solutions based on the new 5G technology.

For example, in 2018 and 2019 the 5G TODAY test field was successfully operated in Bavaria with two SFN stations incorporating SPINNER products.

In the UK, the BBC installed a 5G network on a remote island to test live streaming. Other trials followed, e.g. at the Rock Rio Festival in Brazil and in Beijing, China.


SPINNER 5G Broadcast mask filterSPINNER 5G Broadcast 5MHz mask filter installed at Collserola Tower in Barcelona, 2020

By working with SPINNER to create your 5G Broadcast solution, you benefit from our extensive experience in both broadcast and mobile communications.

Whether you start with only a vague idea, a well-developed plan, or a detailed block diagram, you’re in good hands with us. We’ve been developing and implementing complex systems to link transmitters and antennas for more than 50 years.

High Power High Tower:
What Could 5G Broadcast Systems Look Like?

Key for a successful 5G Broadcast installation is a viable plan, geared to the existing equipment in your TV tower. SPINNER will gladly support you.

Broadcasting stations equipped with SPINNER systems are particularly easy to upgrade to 5G Broadcast. Since we’re familiar with the technical data and mechanical dimensions of the installed equipment, we can quickly and easily draw up a concept.

Three exemplary ways to integrate 5G Broadcast into a HPHT, depending on the on-site situation:

Independent Combiner Chain with Shared Antenna

SPINNER 5G Broadcast System Independent Combiner Shared Antenna

Independent System

SPINNER 5G Broadcast System Independent System

Mixed System

SPINNER 5G Broadcast System Mixed System


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