SPINNER takes DAB to the next level with compact solutions and top performance

The SPINNER DAB portfolio has gained new high-performance bandpass filters with high-power water-cooled 200mm resonators for up to 8 kW of input power. These ideally extend the SPINNER high-power portfolio, occupying the range between filters with 200mm resonators (5.5kW) and 45mm resonators (10kW). The new high-performance 8kW and 10kW DAB mask filters from SPINNER deliver the best performance available in the marketplace.


Contactless Data Transmitter with 100mm Clear Internal Diameter for Rotating Applications with all Popular Ethernet-Based Protocols

Contactless data transmitters for rotating systems have a wide range of uses. They are especially beneficial for ensuring reliable transmission whenever slip rings are inadequate due to large system diameters and/or data volumes.

While developing the latest generation of SPINNER rotary transmitters, we paid special attention to ensuring that they support as many bus protocols as possible and include plug&play capabilities. SPINNER has consistently pursued (and achieved) this goal for 100 Mbit/s real-time systems. A single version enables reliable transmission of many of the most common bus protocols in full duplex mode without packet losses and without requiring any additional external configuration or programming work.

New 75 Ohm RF Type N Precision Portfolio Permits RF Measurements up to 18 and 20 GHz

New communications applications involving the N 75 Ohm interface operate at high frequencies up to 18 and 20 GHz. This has created a need for precise, reliable test equipment for calibration and connection to available 50 Ohm vector network analyzers. SPINNER has now launched high-precision calibration kits in both cased and compact 4-in-1 formats, as well as adapters ranging from N 75 Ohm to N 50 Ohm (DC - 18 GHz) and 3.5 mm 50 Ohm (DC - 20 GHz).

Innovative High Power Solutions for Broadcasting

More Power
Transmitter power levels in the USA are among the highest in the world. SPINNER supplies many of its signature products in sizes up to 9 3/16”, including the patented Antenna Monitoring System (AMS) and our original Direct Access Units. Our switches already had the highest power handling for any given line size but now we have taken it even further and introduce the world’s first 8-3/16” switch. With a walloping 120 kW of power handling this switch is a viable alternative to waveguides.

SPINNER will be exhibiting at the NAB Show 2019 in Las Vegas from April 08–11, booth C1336.

SPINNER Bolsters In-Building Portfolio with Antennas

SPINNER already excels with an outstanding portfolio of combining and distributing products for efficient, cost-effective implementation of in-building projects. They include CPR jumpers and cables, splitters, tappers and couplers. And now we have taken it to the next level by adding antennas. This paves the way for building entire distribution antenna systems (DAS) with high-quality components from a single source: SPINNER.

The World’s First 8 3/16“ Coax Switch

SPINNER has advanced into a new dimension by creating the first series produced 8 3/16” coax switch. It is designed for an operating frequency of up to 620 MHz and can transfer 120 kW of power at this frequency. The maximum power handling of 950 kW could be operated within the range between DC and 10 MHz. The switch is suitable for 75 ohm systems. Used in coaxial rigid lines, it eliminates the waveguide switches and adaptors that are normally required for this power level. Other advantages over waveguide switches include its broadband capabilities and compact shape.

New SPINNER 1.35 mm E Connector

The Best High-Performance Connector for E-Band Applications

Reliable coaxial interface connections are crucial for achieving good RF performance, especially in E-band applications. A common frustration in RF labs is inadvertent unlocking of the 1.00 mm coaxial thread after making time-consuming calibrations. This inspired us to create a 1.35 mm connector―the “E Connector”―with a precise metric thread like the 1.85 mm connector and an integrated time-saving push-pull function.

Future-Proof: The SPINNER Cluster Connector Grows to Keep Up with Your Requirements

New mobile transmission technologies are emerging while antennas and base stations are shrinking. This is increasing the requirements that connectors must meet. We are responding to them with an ingenious idea: a cluster that integrates the whole range of connection types, from coaxial across DC to AISG and fiber optics.

Our approach masters key challenges: the SPINNER Cluster Connector can grow to meet your need for new technologies, while at the same time ports can be packed closer together. We are so confident of these benefits that in October 2018 we submitted the SPINNER Cluster Connector to NGMN for recommendation as a future industry standard.

Contactless Rotary Joints for Data Transmission with 100 mm Clear Internal Diameter

Two trends are dominating industry: increasing digitization of machines and systems and automation of processes, in everything from production across logistics to packaging. In all of these situations, it is imperative to ensure maximum efficiency and prevent failures. This is where the new SPINNER data transmission unit comes in. It now permits dependable transmission at clear internal diameters up to 100mm.

Come and visit us at IBC!

SPINNER will be exhibiting at the IBC broadcast show in the RAI International Exhibition & Congress Center in Amsterdam on September 14-18, 2018. Join us at Booth C29 in Hall 8!