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1.00 mm Connectors & Adapters – Help for Frustration in Testing Labs

1.00 mm coaxial connectors are standard in RF labs worldwide. In fact, they are must-haves for engineers who perform measurements in the range up to 110 GHz. However, their conventional design suffers from a problem: the pitch is too coarse, i.e. the axial distance between the threads is too great. They resemble the self-tapping screws sold in hardware stores, with a crucial difference: whereas self-tapping screws do their job reliably and withstand typical vibrations with ease, the nut that mates with a 1.00 mm connector loosens practically from being looked at. Calibration problems are therefore literally built-in, often making it necessary to repeat entire test series. Besides the unnecessary extra costs this incurs, it’s a major source of frustration.

SPINNER Connector 1 85 mm

1.85 mm

SPINNER Connector 1 35 mm

1.35 mm

SPINNER Connector 1 00 mm

1.00 mm


Self-tapping screw

How to reliably achieve reproducible test results from the word go

SPINNER offers various ways to get around the often criticized tendency of 1.00 mm coaxial connectors to loosen.

While developing and introducing our 1.35 mm connector―the so-called “E-Connector”―we showed that the mechanical connection of a coaxial connector can in fact be significantly improved. Its precise metric thread makes it hold just as tightly as a 1.85 mm connector. And that’s not all: it also includes a contoured surface for push-pull connections. For broadband measurements up to 90 GHz, the 1.35 E-Connector is clearly a more reliable choice―and highly recommended for anyone who develops automotive radar systems, for example.

Secured by a ruggedized test port adapter

For labs that depend on the use of 1.00 mm connectors, we offer a 1.00 mm ruggedized test port adapter that even works with one-millimeter coax connections. It uses a larger thread to achieve a secure mechanical lock. Unintentionally applied transverse or torsional forces are reliably blocked to prevent them from damaging the delicate 1.00 mm coaxial connection. As a result, once a test setup has been assembled and calibrated it can be depended on to consistently do its job as intended.

Alternative: low-loss waveguides

Those who mainly work in the W band, in other words with frequencies between 75 and 110 GHz, are well-advised to consider switching to conventional low-loss waveguide adapters. SPINNER has a comprehensive line of waveguide-to-coaxial adapters from 50 GHz WR15 (R 620) up to 120 GHz (R 1.2k) that fit the bill. These adapters and their ruggedized interfaces for directly connecting millimeter waveguides to the coaxial ports of mm-wave VNAs can save a lot of time while keeping losses ultra-low.

SPINNER EasyLaunch for direct connection to circuit boards

We’re especially proud of our SPINNER EasyLaunch adapters for frequencies up to 110 GHz. Contact is made gently parallel to the circuit path, i.e. without damaging the surface of the circuit board, to ensure optimal results. SPINNER EasyLaunch is available with 2.92, 2.4, 1.85, 1.35 and 1.00 mm coax connectors or a size WR10 (R 900), WR12 (R 740) or WR15 (R 620) waveguide connector.

Dedicated 1.00 mm connector systems for antenna test chambers

Do you work in a lab that has specialized in designing and building antenna test chambers? We also offer versions of our 1.00 mm housing for these applications. You’ll definitely find attractive alternatives to the solutions you’ve used until now.

It’s worth it to check out our delivery program, which includes a large number of 1.00 mm component versions:

PCB Launch Connector

BN 533402 PCB Launch connector 1.00 mm female

Cable and Panel Connectors

BN 533144 cable connector 1.00 mm male
BN 534999 panel connector 1.00 mm female/female, d-hole

Ruggedized Test Port Adapters

BN 534974 precision adapter 1.35 mm m ruggedized  to 1.00 mm f
BN 534975 precision adapter 1.35 mm f to 1.00 mm f ruggedized
BN 534976 precision adapter 1.00 mm f to 1.00 mm f ruggedized

Waveguide-to-Coax Adapters

BN 533110 waveguide-to-coax adapter WR08 (R 1.2k) to 1.00 mm f, right-angle
BN 533112 waveguide-to-coax adapter WR10 (R 900) to 1.00 mm f, straight
BN 533114 waveguide-to-coax adapter WR10 (R 900) to 1.00 mm f, right-angle

BN 533116 waveguide-to-coax adapter WR12 (R 740) to 1.00 mm f, straight
BN 533118 waveguide-to-coax adapter WR12 (R 740) to 1.00 mm f, right-angle

BN 533120 waveguide-to-coax adapter WR15 (R 620) to 1.00 mm f, straight
BN 533122 waveguide-to-coax adapter WR15 (R 620) to 1.00 mm f, right-angle

BN 533141 waveguide-to-coax adapter WR10 (R 900) to 1.00 mm f, ruggedized, straight
BN 533142 waveguide-to-coax adapter WR12 (R 740) to 1.00 mm f, ruggedized, straight
BN 533143 waveguide-to-coax adapter WR15 (R 620) to 1.00 mm f, ruggedized, straight


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