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SPINNER Launches High-Power Filter for NextGen TV

The worldwide rollout of the new ATSC 3.0 broadcasting standard is driving a burgeoning market. Its novel approach to content distribution paves the way for an enhanced media experience. Also known as NextGen TV, it delivers ultrahigh definition with personalization features for an enhanced viewing experience, and can be received on both conventional TV sets and mobile devices. This is ushering in major changes for both consumers and broadcasters. More and more existing ATSC 1.0 broadcasting stations are being upgraded with new equipment, also for the passive transmission path between the transmitter and the antenna, in which mask filters and other components play important roles.

SPINNER 30 kW UHF FilterSPINNER 30 kW UHF Filter

New SPINNER UHF Mask Filter for ATSC 3.0

To meet this need, SPINNER has expanded its portfolio by adding a new UHF mask filter that is tunable for ATSC 3.0. It can also be adjusted to work with other popular broadcasting standards such as ISDB-T. As one of the world’s leading suppliers with decades of experience, SPINNER is aware that ATSC 3.0 and ATSC 1.0 will continue to coexist for quite a while. Our new filter is therefore also tunable to ATSC 1.0.

Input Levels up to 30 kW

Depending on the cooling mode―which can be air or liquid―the filter supports input power levels up to 30 kW with a crest factor of 13dB. This establishes a new benchmark in our high-power filter portfolio. The filter can also be enhanced by configuring it in two different ways. One involves a dual-filter combination with constant impedance: two filters are linked by 3dB couplers at their ports so that their combined input can be used at ATSC 3.0 power levels up to 60 kW. The second approach takes advantage of a product type that SPINNER is well-known for: CIB combiners. It differs from the dual-filter setup in one detail: the CIB combiners have a second, wideband port on the output coupler for signal infeed. Even adjacent channels can be applied to it.

New Filter Design Simplifies Servicing

The benefit of CIB combiners is that they can be used to build chains of filtered signals. Unlike other approaches, chains of CIB combiners are easy to modify. The products of this new series of standalone filters, dual filters, and CIB combiners are also designed to ensure easy access for maintenance and repairs.

SPINNER’s new UHF high power filter will be available starting this fall (Q4/2020). For more information, please use our Product Finder.

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