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Omni Chip Antennas: Guard Against Interference from Metal Surfaces and Constructions

Our in-building customers frequently need to plan or install omni chip antennas on or near metal surfaces. From the perspective of radio network planners, it’s basically a bad idea. Metal surfaces can greatly impact signals and worsen reception. Occasionally, however, on-site conditions leave no other choice.

This is often the case when retrofitting buildings with cellular phone systems or installing antennas in trains or on ships, for example. There may be no good alternative to placing antennas near metal cable conduits or walls. Unless visual or design considerations take precedence, we recommend the use of conventional omnidirectional antennas. And when these aren’t an option because of their shape, we now offer an alternative.


SPINNER interference absorber 218 mm antennasInterferene absorber for 218 mm antenna
SPINNER interference absorber 220 266 mm antennasInterference absorber for 220 mm and 266 mm antennas

Protection from Interference of Reflected Signals

SPINNER has come up with a way to absorb and block reflected signals: an attenuator that is inserted between the installation surface and the antenna. It prevents interference by absorbing signals reflected by nearby metal objects. This ensures almost normal operation. Customers who have tested this new product report predominantly good results. Local conditions naturally also have to be taken into account.

Not even SPINNER can overrule the laws of physics, of course. The use of omni chip antennas near metal constructions should therefore remain the exception rather than the rule. But if there really is no alternative, this SPINNER solution can save the day. We offer it for all of our SISO and MIMO omni chip antennas.

You can find more technical information in our Product Finder.

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