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Contactless Data and Power Transmission Replace Slip Rings in Rotating Applications

Contactless data delivers clear benefits in rotating systems whenever slip rings can’t meet requirements due to large diameters, high data volumes and/or infrequent maintenance.

This is also true of contactless power transfer systems with hollow cores: they’re preferable whenever failsafe, uninterrupted (24/7) operation is essential at high rotational speeds.

Combined data and power transmitters up to 750 W

The new compact transmission systems from SPINNER ingeniously combine contactless data transfer, which has proved itself in real-time bus systems, with the ability to supply up to 750 watts. As an added benefit, there is room in the hollow cores for device-specific connections to the rotating unit.

SPINNER - Drehender Leistungsübertrager 750 WSPINNER Combined Power and Data Transmitter 750 W
SPINNER - Drehender Leistungsübertrager bis 300WSPINNER Combined Power and Data Transmitter 300 W

Transmittable protocols / BUS systems (100 Mbit/s)

  • EtherCat (Beckhoff)
  • Profinet Class A,B, and C (real-time IRT) (Siemens and Phoenix Contact)
  • Powerlink (B&R)
  • Bluecom (Bachmann)
  • Sercos III (Bosch)
  • DriveCliq (Siemens)
  • and others

Overview of power transmission specifications

  • Input/output voltages: 24 V or 48 V
  • Max. transmittable power: 24 V/300 W, 48 V/750 W
  • Regulated output voltage with low ripple
  • Free inside diameter of 300W version: 20 mm; 750 W version: 50 mm
  • Maximum rotational speed: 300 rpm (special versions up to 3,000 rpm)
  • Operation independent of speed and direction of rotation
  • High efficiency

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