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New 5G Coupler Rounds Out SPINNER’s Broadband DAS Portfolio

In recent months, SPINNER has developed and begun supplying a large number of components for broadband distributed antenna systems (DAS). Our goal has been to seamlessly cover the entire frequency range from 380 to 3,800 MHz. The latest addition is a new 5G coupler that closes the last remaining gap. Now there is at least one component in every DAS product group (splitters, tappers, antennas, etc.) for the entire frequency spectrum from PMR to 5G. As a result, DAS networks can now be completely assembled using SPINNER components and no longer need to be modified if more frequency bands are added later.

SPINNER In Building DAS 5G CouplerSPINNER 5G coupler for broadband DAS (BN 753393)

Maximum future viability in uncompromising SPINNER quality!

Historically, dedicated couplers have been developed for different frequency ranges. This has forced customers to choose from a variety of models depending on their application. The new broadband SPINNER coupler breaks this mold by covering the entire frequency spectrum from 380 all the way to 3,800 MHz. In addition to PMR at the low end, it also supports the range from 3,300 and 3,800 MHz. It’s a perfect all-rounder and ideal for 5G and IoT applications. You and your customers can now say goodbye to costly rebuild projects!

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Major boost in bandwidth

The effort required to develop a coupler increases with the number of frequency bands it needs to support. All of our premium couplers boast excellent technical values, but we’re especially proud of this new broadband model, which sets new standards because it doesn’t involve any compromises despite its even larger bandwidth. Its high typical isolation value of 35 dB crucially contributes to preventing interference between transmitted frequencies. All systems―combiners, couplers and so on, as well as the entire distribution network―feature outstanding isolation, reflection and passive intermodulation values. The bottom line is that it now truly lets users tap the entire technically possible bandwidth and maximize the transmission rate while minimizing costs.

Large choice of versions

With SPINNER cellular solutions for in-building projects, you’re excellently prepared for all eventualities. The individual systems are available in a wide range of versions, and now also 5G-ready. Talk to a SPINNER sales representative. In case we’re ever unable to meet your project’s needs from our proven portfolio of standard products, we also build bespoke systems.

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