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New Symmetrical Splitters: Broadband and Compact

Turn one into many: this principle is applied in passive distribution networks to make mobile signals reach even the remotest corners of buildings with complex geometries. Our latest new splitters let you take advantage of it while reliably preventing any interference from sneaking into your network. Even better, they put the entire frequency range from 380 to 3,800 MHz at your fingertips. This lets you build for the future: with high-quality SPINNER products for outstanding network performance.

SPINNER symmetrical splitter

Our new 2-, 3- and 4-way splitters really do let you easily transmit all frequency bands over a single line. Keep in mind that today’s typical network solutions carry frequencies between 694 and 2,700 MHz. But 5G frequencies will be higher than that, namely between 3,300 and 3,800 MHz. And at the low end, some or all of the frequencies from 380 to 694 MHz are reserved for official uses in some countries. Fortunately, our new splitters cover the entire spectrum from 380 all the way to 3,800 MHz. This gives you maximum flexibility for serving your customers, especially since many nations have meanwhile created a regulatory basis for combining official frequencies (PMR and TETRA) and private cellular applications in a single network. The new splitters let you effortlessly rise to the occasion.

Also ideal in tight spots

What good are cheap devices if they’re hard to install in narrow cable conduits? Instead of causing frustration and missed deadlines, our splitters have such a low profile that they can be effortlessly installed in a minimum of space. The connections are aligned with the cables, thus ensuring fast, error-free on-site installation and generating significant savings.

The old and the new

Our new splitters let you configure input-to-output signals as 1:2 (BN 433006), 1:3 (BN 433007) or 1:4 (BN 433008) as usual. In addition to supporting a larger frequency range, they also boast improved technical data.

Uncompromisingly good

The splitters available so far have also fully lived up to SPINNER’s reputation for top quality. Now, however, our engineers have taken their passive intermodulation and reflection values to the next level. This ensures that your customers can fully tap the potentially available bandwidth of passive networks. The penalty for compromising on quality is reduced bandwidth, resulting in higher costs per user.

End to end with full bandwidth

Our new symmetrical splitters, asymmetrical tappers and new multiband combining systems constitute a complete portfolio of high-end equipment for combining and distributing mobile signals across the frequency range from 380 to 3,800 MHz in complex structures such as stadiums, shopping malls and office buildings. A consistently high-quality solution is key for fully taking advantage of the available bandwidth and achieving cost savings.

Ready for the future

The new SPINNER splitters are available in the following configurations:
1:2 (BN 433006), 1:3 (BN 433007), 1:4 (BN 433008)



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