New Rotary Joint Family for Air Traffic Control

A new family of hybrid rotary joints from SPINNER for ATC applications delivers superior performance, greater reliability, and longer service life. They are available with contactless power modules for up to 300W in combination with contactless data modules or conventional slip rings.

New Products and Solutions at IBC 2019

SPINNER will be exhibiting at the IBC Show in Amsterdam from September 13th to 17th 2019. Visit us at booth C29 in hall 8!

We will show our SPINNER Antenna Monitoring System - now with Power Monitoring, a new DAB 300 W starpoint combiner and a UHF 1.6 kW manifold combiner.

Save Money on Installation

SPINNER has developed new compact splitters and couplers that are ideal for installations in tight conditions. Besides symmetrical splitters, you can now also take advantage of compact asymmetrical splitters (tappers) and couplers with ports that are all in a single axis. This greatly simplifies installation and yields major savings. Boosting the Value of Real Estate with Mobile Coverage

A striking exterior, innovative architecture, and high-quality equipment and systems are key requirements for achieving success in the real estate market. An excellent example is This attractive building complex, featuring an exterior typical of the late 19th century Haussmann renovations, is impossible to ignore.

Since being completely refurbished, its state-of-the-art offices enable flexible work in keeping with modern standards. The building has already won two awards: “Ville et Avenir” and “Best Office & Business Development.”

SpinnerFlex® Jumper Cables: Tailored for Every Need. More Than 10,000 Terminated Coax Cables Ready to Deliver

Often, it isn’t known until the last minute exactly which coax cable configurations are needed to install a mobile phone base station or implement an in-building project. SPINNER is known for dependably and versatilely supplying customized coaxial cables in a vast range of versions and configurations.

And that’s not all: over 10,000 type SF ½” und LF ½” jumper cables with 4.3-10 and/or 7-16 connectors are always available for immediate delivery to meet your requirements even more quickly and flexibly. This lets you reduce or even eliminate the costs of keeping all of them on hand yourself.

Waveguide-to-Coaxial Adapters: Start Testing Faster!

Would you like to focus on your millimeter wave testing tasks without wasting valuable time on setup? Do you want to quickly, reliably, and easily connect your millimeter wave (mmW) waveguide system to your test equipment?

New SPINNER waveguide-to-coaxial adapters for the V, E and W bands now let you connect your waveguide setup straight to the coaxial ports of VNA or millimeter-wave-range extender modules.

SPINNER takes DAB to the next level with compact solutions and top performance

The SPINNER DAB portfolio has gained new high-performance bandpass filters with high-power water-cooled 200mm resonators for up to 8 kW of input power. These ideally extend the SPINNER high-power portfolio, occupying the range between filters with 200mm resonators (5.5kW) and 45mm resonators (10kW). The new high-performance 8kW and 10kW DAB mask filters from SPINNER deliver the best performance available in the marketplace.


Contactless Data Transmitter with 100mm Clear Internal Diameter for Rotating Applications with all Popular Ethernet-Based Protocols

Contactless data transmitters for rotating systems have a wide range of uses. They are especially beneficial for ensuring reliable transmission whenever slip rings are inadequate due to large system diameters and/or data volumes.

While developing the latest generation of SPINNER rotary transmitters, we paid special attention to ensuring that they support as many bus protocols as possible and include plug&play capabilities. SPINNER has consistently pursued (and achieved) this goal for 100 Mbit/s real-time systems. A single version enables reliable transmission of many of the most common bus protocols in full duplex mode without packet losses and without requiring any additional external configuration or programming work.

The SPINNER Power Protector: Intelligent Protection for Active In-Building Solutions

The last few years have seen steady expansion of network infrastructure to accommodate new frequencies, and investments in new equipment have gone sky-high as a result. Many operators have installed a wide variety of new devices, all of which need to be safeguarded and efficiently managed. The new SPINNER Power Protector prevents the master unit from being damaged by high power while greatly helping to reduce capital expenditures.

New 75 Ohm RF Type N Precision Portfolio Permits RF Measurements up to 18 and 20 GHz

New communications applications involving the N 75 Ohm interface operate at high frequencies up to 18 and 20 GHz. This has created a need for precise, reliable test equipment for calibration and connection to available 50 Ohm vector network analyzers. SPINNER has now launched high-precision calibration kits in both cased and compact 4-in-1 formats, as well as adapters ranging from N 75 Ohm to N 50 Ohm (DC - 18 GHz) and 3.5 mm 50 Ohm (DC - 20 GHz).