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SpinnerFlex Cables Certified with Reaction to Fire Class B2ca acc. to the EU Construction Products Regulation

Sadly, building fires still take a considerable toll in terms of human lives. Yet in many cases, it isn’t the fire itself that makes it hard to rescue people but the toxic gases that are present in dense smoke. Smoke also makes it difficult to see escape routes and locate injured persons. With the aims of reducing emissions of smoke and toxic gases, delaying their spread and extending the available time for leaving burning buildings, in 2013 the European Union issued the Construction Products Regulation (CPR), to establish harmonized rules for the marketing and use of construction products.


This regulation also affects the mobile communication market, because permanently installed cables in buildings and facilities can pose risks in connection with in-building/DAS projects. The EU therefore decided that cabling for fixed installations may no longer be used unless it is tested and certified under the rules of the CPR.
Cables are assigned to different classes depending on their reaction to fire behavior. These range from readily flammable (Class F) to non-combustible (Class A). Other criteria such as smoke emissions, burning droplets and acidity are also taken into account. All of these properties are determined by independent testing institutions, which certify each product while assigning it to a harmonized euroclass with defined smoke emissions, burning droplets and acidity.

For stricter classes (the requirements increase from A to F), the tests that must be performed by a “notified body” (a third-party institute designated by the EU country concerned) are also more extensive. Classes A to D require not only testing of samples, but also regular factory audits and regular sample taking from ongoing production.

The CPR cables supplied under the SpinnerFlex brand name undergo these tests and are also certified as complying with EU Regulation no. EN 50575:2014. In addition to the fire classes, smoke generation (s), flaming droplets (d) and acidity (a) are also determined and presented.

Construction Products Regulation (CPR)

SpinnerFlex SF 3/8″-50-CPR

SpinnerFlex SF 1/2″-50-CPR

SpinnerFlex LF 1/2″-50-CPR

SpinnerFlex LF 7/8″-50-CPR

You can also download and view the certificates from our download section.

Cable assemblies (jumpers) are not affected by this new EU regulation at this time.

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