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SPINNER has traditionally carried a wide range of FM products. Recently we applied our expertise as one of the world’s leading manufacturer of combining systems to round out our portfolio by developing FM combiners. As a result, we are now in a position to supply all of the passive components that can be needed between the transmitter and antenna in FM stations.

Antenna Monitoring System

The Antenna Monitoring System, or AMS, is an early detection system for arcing and water ingress. It continuously monitors an entire antenna system and alerts you locally and remotely to problems before major damage can occur.

The AMS boasts an ingeniously simple design and is quick and easy to install. All of its components are housed indoors at a single location. It requires no invasive changes to the system and features zero signal distortion. The detector can be integrated in our U-links for mounting on any SPINNER patch panel or installing anywhere along an existing rigid line.

SPINNER AMS line section BN 555475

FM Combiners

Combiners let multiple transmitters be connected to a shared output. SPINNER’s FM combiners are currently available with input power levels of up to 16 kW. They come in two versions:

  • Constant Impedance Balanced (CIB) combiners featuring high isolation and low return loss with closely spaced channels.
  • Starpoint combiners, which are an economical alternative to CIB combiners.

SPINNER FM combiner

Patch Panels

SPINNER supplies patch panels for all sizes from 7-16 to 6 1/8”. Switching can be performed either manually using U-links or by plug-in motorized switches.

All patch panels are available with 4 or 10 isolated interlock contacts and include an interlock system that briefly turns the transmitter off during switchovers.

Besides our standard patch panels with 3, 4 and 6 ports (for half-antenna patch operation), we also supply customized solutions. They can be either wall-mounted or integrated into a 19” or custom rack.

Coaxial Switches

SPINNER supplies a wide variety of switch types (pulse solenoid or motor-driven) from N to 6 1/8" EIA.

All switches are equipped with interlocking safety and signal contacts for monitoring and control. They also include a manually operated emergency knob and a position indicator.

Our products boast the world’s shortest known switching time in combination with the greatest isolation available in the marketplace.

SPINNER 941918

Rigid Line Components

SPINNER supplies a full range of EIA system components: inner and outer conductors, flanges, elbows, coupling elements and inner supports. They are available in sizes from 7/8” EIA to 6 1/8” EIA and are certified for outdoor or indoor installation as well as pressurized systems.

Another of our specialties is the SPINNER SMS (Quick Clamp) System, which complies with international rigid line standards. Its biggest advantage is that rigid lines can be easily cut to length on-site without the need for flaring, brazing or any special tools. Installation is therefore very straightforward. It is suitable for indoor use and available in a full range of sizes for up to 213 kW.

All of our rigid line components excel with PTFE insulation plus low insertion loss and VSWR.

Cable Connectors and Adaptors

SPINNER provides N, 4.3-10, 7-16, 7/8” EIA, 1 5/8” EIA, 3 1/8” EIA, 4 1/2” IEC and 6 1/8” EIA connectors for foam and air dielectric cables made by leading manufacturers. SPINNER connectors comply with international standards and are well-known for their outstanding RF performance and reliability.

There are adaptors available for all EIA, N, 7-16 and 13-30 interface sizes. All of them feature excellent matching (VSWR ≤ 1.02) and can be used either indoors or outdoors at full power.

Coaxial Loads

SPINNER carries a comprehensive range of loads from 1 W to 50 kW. The low- and medium-power loads (< 5 KW) are conventionally cooled, while the high-power loads (≥ 5 kW) are fan- and/or liquid-cooled. The high-power loads are equipped with potential-free interlocks and intelligent control, with the pump and fan only being switched on when needed to ensure high energy efficiency.

SPINNER 546423

Measurement Accessories

Our portfolio also includes directional couplers for measuring forward and reflected power. They are available from 7-16 to 6 1/8” EIA for up to five probes and are suitable for indoor use.

Directional access units are attached to the feeder cable for testing and adjusting antennas without removing the connected feeders. They are suitabele for outdoor use.

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