SPINNER Rotary Couplings for Automation

There is a growing need for faster, more accurate data and power transmission via rotary joints for automation applications. SPINNER is now offering a new technology to accomplish this: contactless rotating interfaces based on inductive and capacitive coupling.

For data transmission, contactless capacitive data interfaces are used instead of slip rings. This approach permits transmission rates of up to 1 Gbit/s in Ethernet-based bus systems, also at very fast rotational speeds. 100 Mbit/s real-time feature enables transmission of various, deterministic bus protocols. This paves the way for completely new approaches in automation technology.

Power is transmitted via an inductive system, either by itself or together with data.

A further advantage of these contactless data interfaces is that they are non-wearing and maintenance-free. This avoids the downtimes and costs caused by repairs and servicing. Transmission errors and distortions as a result of micro-interruptions and line reflections are also very effectively prevented, which reduces abnormal data packets and cycle times.

SPINNER Rotating Solutions Automation Key

The typical applications include flatness measuring rolls in aluminum rolling mills, bottling lines, and cable braiding machines: situations involving very fast rotation that can cause unreliable slip rings to fail quickly.

Technical Details of SPINNER Data Transmitters

  • Transmission protocols:
    • Bus protocols based on Ethernet protocol IEEE 802.3: Profinet A, B and C, Powerlink, Bluecom, EtherCAT, and Sercos III
    • 12 Mbit/s Profibus
    • CAN (in repeater mode)
    • RS 422 signals
  • Automatic adjustment by auto-negotiation in the gigabit Ethernet coupler
  • Bit error rates smaller than 1x10-12
  • Error-free data transmission at up to 3000 rpm (optionally) in either direction of rotation
  • Hollow shaft diameters of up to 360 mm; the insides of hollow shafts remain completely free and available for use by the customer

 SPINNER Rotary JointSPINNER Rotary Joint with contacless data and power transmitter

Technical Details of SPINNER Power Transmitters

  • Rotary transmission of up to 6 kilowatts for intermediate circuit voltages up to 500 V DC
  • Transmission of industrial 24V DC voltages at up to 300 W (with controlled output voltage and short circuit-proof)

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