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A rucksack is to blame... Patch panel U-links with highest safety standard

spinner u link redA carelessly worn backpack accidentally unlocked one of our U-links of a transmitting station. Such a thing should not happen again: Thanks to a new safety function, our U-links are also "backpack-proof" in the future.

This safety function is indicated by the “red button” releasing the actuation of the locking lever. Thus, the operating personnel’s attention is directed once again in a targeted manner to the fact that the actuation of the lever is accompanied by the deactivation of the transmitter – for double safety and security.

All previous SPINNER RF U-links with the Interlock System No. 2 can be upgraded with the release lock in the simplest way – and this on site and completely without interrupting the transmission, simply SPINNER-like.

Part number for retrofit

USL-D 1 5/8"     BN553032C1000
USL-D 29.5-68  BN553332C1000
USL-D 43-98     BN553612C1000
USL 52-120       BN539627C1000
USL 6 1/8"         BN539633C1000

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