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SPINNER Launches Direct Access Units in New Design

SPINNER has enlarged its portfolio of direct access units (DAUs) to include higher power levels and sizes up to 9 3/16”EIA. They have also been redesigned to make them more compact, lighter and easier to install.



SPINNER Direct Access Units

Compared to the older design, in the new design (left picture) the EIA connectors have been replaced with male EIA ports. The measurement insert is now also disk-shaped instead of circular.

Like the older versions, the new direct access units deliver a number of benefits:

  • RF measurement without the need to disconnect or dismantle rigid lines and cables
  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Support for the maximum ratings defined by the EIA standard
  • No need for adaptors, since the measurement insert includes testing ports

The insert has two ports for and tuning or measuring feeder VSWR and electrical length. Apart from not requiring any adaptors, they ensure more accurate measurements. Depending on the characteristic impedance, the ports are 7-16 for 50 Ω and N connector for 75 Ω.

The following table shows the key data on the new DAU series.

Part Number

BN 876730

BN 876770

BN 876740

BN 876750

BN 876760


6 1/8’’ EIA

6 1/8’’ EIA

7 3/16 MYAT

8 3/16’’ MYAT

9 3/16’’ EIA


50 Ω

75 Ω

75 Ω

75 Ω

50 Ω

Frequency Range

0 -800 MHz

0-800 MHz

0 -752 MHz

0-700 MHz

0-550 MHz



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