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Save Money on Installation

The next in-building project is coming up and it’s time to choose the components. Which should you take: the least expensive ones, the best, or both?

Both! Because with us, the best products also feature the most attractive prices.

New Compact Splitters for Installation in Limited Space

SPINNER splitters coupler

A product’s purchase price often doesn’t reveal its true cost. It’s important to keep in mind that difficult, time-consuming installation costs nerves, time and thus also money. The new SPINNER splitters and couplers help you save, because they put an end to laborious fiddling in tight spots.

Let’s be honest: how often do we have to work in cramped installation shafts, with the added annoyance of having to wrestle with splitters whose ports point in up to five different directions? Not to mention the challenges of stiff cables with a minimal bending radius. These difficulties add extra minutes to the job, again and again. Have you thought about how much this extra work costs you?

The laborious installation work adds a few more euros or dollars or pounds every time, cancelling out anything you may have saved when buying the components. The supposedly cheapest solution turns out to be a cost trap!

Save with Intelligent Designs

Our new splitters and tappers have all of the ports in the same axis. This lets them be easily and securely installed in limited space. Finally, an end to symmetrical splitters with ports pointing in up to five different directions!

Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Splitters

More than anything, these splitters are characterized by compactness. They are significantly smaller than similar assemblies, making them easy to install in narrow conduits. Like their larger cousins, they support frequencies up to 3800 MHz and their power ratings are also respectable at up to 300 watts.

Our new compact symmetrical splitters come in two-way, three-way and four-way versions.

SPINNER splitter 818268SPINNER 4-way splitter with ports in 5 different direction
SPINNER splitter 433005SPINNER 4-way splitter with ports in 2 different directions

Our new compact tappers are available with insertion losses between 4.8 dB and 20 dB.

SPINNER tapper with ports in 2 installation planesSPINNER tapper with ports in 2 installation planes
SPINNER tapper with ports in 1 installation planeSPINNER tapper with ports in 1 installation plane


SPINNER couplers have always let you choose the version that’s easiest to install for your application: one input port on one side of the coupler (H style) or two input ports on one side (X style). Now we have also developed unidirectional versions in which all ports point in the same direction. You can always count on getting the right couplers from SPINNER for meeting any requirement, whether they are for an in-building project or for installation in coupling boxes.

The new couplers are available with coupling attenuations of 3 and 6 dB.

SPINNER coupler with ports on opposite sidesSPINNER coupler with ports on opposite sides
SPINNER coupler with all ports on the same sideSPINNER coupler with all ports on the same side

All of the products also have something else in common: like all SPINNER products, they are developed and manufactured for technical excellence. No troubleshooting – SPINNER products work and save money for you.


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