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SPINNER Releases Connector Installation Videos

The SPINNER MultiFit™ and SPINNER Cut And Fit (CAF®) monobloc connectors have been a big hit with installers. Their easy handling, fast, reliable installation, and excellent technical values put them in a class of their own. And now SPINNER has released installation videos to supplement the written instructions. These step-by-step clips also demonstrate some very useful tricks.

What’s the difference between these two connector types?

Spinner connector assembly videosThe SPINNER MultiFit™ consists of two parts that are installed separately. This makes it easy to ensure a good, firm contact between the cable and connector. SPINNER MultiFit™ connectors also excel with extremely flexible cable clamping, and they work with all of the coaxial cable types that are commonly encountered in mobile communication applications. This makes the SPINNER MultiFit™ unique.

With the SPINNER CAF® range, it’s exceptionally easy to trim the cable and attach the connector. The preinstalled connector head and cable clamp come in a single pre-adjusted piece, which you simply screw on to the cable as a unit. This eliminates the need to install first the clamp and then the connector body. You save time and money while benefiting from the reliability that all SPINNER connectors are famous for.

The installation videos show the connectors for the following cable types and sizes: SF 3/8", SF 1/2", LF 1/2", LF 7/8", LF 1 1/4" and LF 1 5/8".
By the way: you can now also order 4.3-10 connectors for all of these cable types.

The future has arrived!

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