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AMS Line Sections - Flexibility for Your Antenna Monitoring System

In our last newsletter we presented the SPINNER Antenna Monitoring System (click here), which is engineered to detect flaws in broadcasting transmission infrastructure and alert you to potential problems before any damage can occur.

spinner line section 510To ensure fast, easy installation and minimally invasive changes to existing systems, we have integrated the AMS detector in our U-links for mounting on any SPINNER patch panel.

What if you don’t have a SPINNER patch panel?

To give you greater flexibility and let you install the antenna monitoring system anywhere, SPINNER has developed rigid AMS line sections that integrate an AMS detector.

Installation can be performed quickly and easily in just three steps:

1. Mount the AMS detector anywhere inside an existing rigid line.
2. Install the control unit in an existing rack or on the wall.
3. Use the included cable to connect them. All components are indoors.
AMS line sections are available in sizes ranging from 1 5/8” EIA to 9 3/16” EIA for the FM, VHF or UHF band.

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SPINNER Antenna Monitoring System (Flyer)


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