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Retrofitting of Pitch Slip Rings in Wind Power Stations

Contactless Rotary Joints from SPINNER for Maintenance- and Trouble-Free Data Transmission

There is a steadily increasing need for high-quality data transmission in rotating applications in the wind power industry. Older technologies are gradually reaching their limits. As a result, wind turbines frequently grind to a halt and stop generating power. There are many reasons for this, but one of the most common is faulty data transmission for turbines’ pitch control, which until now has relied on conventional slip rings.

SPINNER 637421C0007SPINNER has developed a solution to the problem. The new contactless rotary joints replace part of the slip ring, which then no longer rely on direct physical contact and therefore ensure fault-free transmission of Ethernet data in real time at a rate of 100 Mbit/s.

The capacitive transmission system used is contactless and therefore requires no maintenance whatsoever. The electronics are designed to be completely immune to interference and comply with all relevant EMI standards. As a result, the problems that have plagued conventional slip ring systems – transmission errors and loss of data packets – now belong to the past.


Product Features

  • Fault-free real-time data transmission at 100 Mbit/s with 99% bus capacity utilization using Ethernet-based protocols (PROFINET, Sercos lll, Ethercat, Powerlink, Bluecom)
  • Dual-channel multiplexed transmission possible (via Ethernet)
  • NEW: contactless transmission by PROFIBUS 500 kbit/s or 12 Mbit/s
  • Absolutely maintenance-free
  • Compact mechanical unit for direct installation in slip ring sets or standalone
  • All-in-one technology – no additional conversion modules or gateways needed


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