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New 50 kW SPINNER SmartLoad Reduces Energy Consumption

SPINNER Smart LoadSPINNER SmartLoadSPINNER has just launched a new generation of loads with greater energy efficiency and optimized designs. Applying what we have learned from experience, we have expanded the portfolio by adding a new 50 kW SPINNER SmartLoad version.

The 50 kW load, like all SPINNER SmartLoads, features an intelligent controller that only switches on the pump and fan when these are actually needed, remaining in standby mode the rest of time. The full nominal power can be immediately absorbed from standby mode. Simple RF reflections won’t automatically start the cooling circuit. All of this ensures greater energy efficiency with significant power savings compared to continuously running loads.

To additionally reduce energy consumption and costs, we also offer these loads with an optional external heat exchanger for dissipating heat outdoors. This eliminates the considerable cost of a powerful A/C unit, which would otherwise be required.

Due to the high costs associated with physical space on a site, efficiency was a major consideration while designing these loads. The 50 kW SPINNER SmartLoad occupies only 0.75 m² of space. Besides the compact footprint, it also has an op­timized airflow which allows the side walls to be completely covered.

Each load also comes with a fast-acting self-protection system for safeguarding all connected equipment. The load’s temperature is monitored on the resistor’s surface (the most sensitive spot), tripping an interlock circuit within milliseconds if it exceeds a defined critical level.


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