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SpinnerFlex® Jumper Cables: Tailored for Every Need. More Than 10,000 Terminated Coax Cables Ready to Deliver

Often, it isn’t known until the last minute exactly which coax cable configurations are needed to install a mobile phone base station or implement an in-building project. SPINNER is known for dependably and versatilely supplying customized coaxial cables in a vast range of versions and configurations.

And that’s not all: over 10,000 type SF ½” und LF ½” jumper cables with 4.3-10 and/or 7-16 connectors are always available for immediate delivery to meet your requirements even more quickly and flexibly. This lets you reduce or even eliminate the costs of keeping all of them on hand yourself.

SPINNER Jumper Cables mSpinnerFlex® jumper cables

Over the course of the last decade, SPINNER has produced and sold more than 10 million terminated coaxial cables in over 7,000 different versions. Thanks to state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies and continual process improvements, SPINNER also succeeds in producing exactly what you need―ultrafast and reliably.

The advantage of preterminated cables is that they are soldered and assembled in the factory in an automated process. This ensures far better electrical and mechanical properties than those of manually assembled plug connectors.


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