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New Rotary Joint Family for Air Traffic Control

A new family of hybrid rotary joints from SPINNER for ATC applications delivers superior performance, greater reliability, and longer service life. They are available with contactless power modules for up to 300W in combination with contactless data modules or conventional slip rings.

SPINNER Rotary Joint Air Traffic Control ATCNew Rotary Joint Family for Air Traffic Control (ATC)

Contactless power modules eliminate conventional slip rings

A special benefit of the contactless modules is that they are non-wearing and therefore require no maintenance. And the new rotary joints with slip rings are plug-and-play solutions that dramatically increase total on-air time since anyone can replace the slip ring in under 10 minutes without special training: there is no need to remove the entire rotary joint from the platform.

SPINNER rotary joints are used in a wide range of air traffic control (ATC) installations, from surface movement radars (SMRs) and precision approach radars (PARs) across primary and secondary air surveillance radars (ASRs) to en route and Doppler weather radars (DWRs).

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